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Kathy Moyer Sat March 20th, 2004
Can't wait to sit outdoors to enjoy a movie

The Emery Family Fri March 19th, 2004
Location: from Macungie
Favorite Movie: anything with Vin Diesel in it :-)
Bringing our son(17 years old and learning disabled) and our grand-daughters was a great experience for us.....As young adults we went to a lot of drive-in movies...So we're glad you are still open so we can share the fun with them....Thanks!!!!

Brittany Stephan Fri March 19th, 2004
Location: Effort, PA
Favorite Movie: How to lose a guy in 10 days
I like coming to the drive-in with friends...i think you should do more assortments of movies like that. I like how you have movies for all ages too. i'd rather go to the drive-in on weekends than regular theaters because its outside and there are double movies and its more fun.

Eric Stephan Fri March 19th, 2004
Location: Effort, PA
Favorite Movie: Bruce Almighty
I like going to the drive-in with my family. I like how theres double movies, unlike normal movie theaters. We usually go every weekend.

Can you play The Punisher that new movie from Marvel?

Leanne Stephan Fri March 19th, 2004
Location: Effort PA
Favorite Movie: Titanic
I love going to the drive-in. It is a fun way to watch movies outside. Hope the weather is really good this season, and I hope that good movies come out this season. Will be there with my family when you open. See you there.

Gary Korner Thu March 18th, 2004
Location: Nazareth, PA
Favorite Movie: It's a Wonderfrul Life
Looking forward to my first visit this year.

Jim Brand & Deb Healing Thu March 18th, 2004
Location: Bethlehem
Favorite Movie: Bringing Up Baby for me...Little Shop of Horrors f
Can't wait to come by this year!
Hit the Pennsville Inn for a bite,
and then it's out to the movies we go!
The gift certificates worked great as a surprise
xmas gift.

Michael and Lynn Youngblood Thu March 18th, 2004
Location: Bath, PA
When people back home ask us what is one of our favorite things about relocating from GA to PA, We tell them we get to go to the Drive In Movies. We had not been to a Drive In since we were kids and now we are able to share that with our children. Thank you.

Mike Krieg Thu March 18th, 2004
Location: New Egypt, N.J.
My wife and I love Your Drive-in, It's a real family experiance

Tray Wed March 17th, 2004
Location: Phillipsburg NJ
Rain or Shine we always have a great time! Cant wait till you open.

Rick and Diana Fetter Wed March 17th, 2004
Location: Easton PA
Favorite Movie: Captain Ron
Can't wait for the new season! We avoid "regular" theatres and survive until you open!

Mike Wed March 17th, 2004
Location: Pottstown
Can't wait for the new season to start. Just the other day I asked my fiancee,"Wonder when we will hear from Becky's?" And, wouldn't you know it, today we did. See you soon.

Mary Ann Poole Wed March 17th, 2004
Location: Brodheadsville
Favorite Movie: The King and I
Enjoy your drive-in very much. Last year we didn't come because the weather was bad or we were out of town. Hope this year will be better. Wish you would have a longer season. It's fun to bundle up in the near cold in Oct.

Steve B. Wed March 17th, 2004
Location: Wind Gap
Favorite Movie: Raiders of the Lost Ark
Looking forward to a new season. Always a good time at Beckys

William & Linda Kastler Wed March 17th, 2004
Location: Stroudsburg
Favorite Movie: Titanic
Can't wait to bring our grandchildren again this season.
They love it. So do we.

jerry Mon March 15th, 2004
becky's is the best thing to do in the summer we go at least 10xs a year and it never gets tiring u guys do great!!!!!!!cant wait till u open

Sowder Family Wed March 10th, 2004
Becky's is our favorite drive-in and the best in the country! We all look forward to your opening every year.

Nicholas Deppe Tue March 9th, 2004
Location: Berlinsville, PA
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