Becky's Drive-In Newsletter

Last Update: July 29th, 2015 11:55 PM

The end of summer is coming so quickly - there is only one more month to go before school starts once again. We will be opened a few more weeknights, after which we will be opened weekends only. We will keep you posted when the decision is be made.

Our official closing weekend will be Columbus Day weekend, Oct 9th, 10th, and 11th. That weekend will be our Third Annual Trunk or Treat happenings where patrons decorate their vehicles for Halloween and hand out treats to our young patrons. It's so fun to see the kiddies walk around with their goodie bags collecting as much candy as they can possibly carry.

Our "Minion Mania" photos are on our Facebook page for everyone to view. Photographer, John Bedics, did a fine job capturing some neat photos of our patrons before the double features began on Saturday, July 11th. There are a few other Minion photos that I had taken during the first week of the "Minions" movie of our patrons dressed in their Minion outfits.

Starting this Friday, July 31st through Thursday, August 6th. The gates open at 7 pm on Saturday, 6 pm on Saturday, and 7:30 pm Sunday through Thursday.
Screen 1:
8:45 pm - "Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation" - rated PG13
11:20 pm - "Trainwreck" - rated R
Screen 2:
8:50 pm - "Minions" - rated PG
10:45 pm - "Pixels" - rated PG13

Starts Friday, August 7th: "Fantastic Four"

Congratulations go out to: Guy Bradfield, who was the 99th correct email with last week's trivia contest. Marlon Brando and George C. Scott refused their Oscars for Best Actors. It's funny how the contest worked out, because Guy had sent a funny email saying he knew he was going to be the 99th correct email. He must have ESP! Guy included his mailing address and the envelope with the two passes was dropped in the local mailbox already.

This week's trivia question will be: What movies are you looking forward to seeing this August and September at Becky's? The 140th email will win two passes to use sometime in the future at Becky's! Remember, only one email per household. Good luck!

See you under the stars at Becky's!

Movies are more fun at Becky's!