Becky's Drive-In Newsletter

Last Update: May 27th, 2015 1:24 PM

Thanks to all who attended Becky's this past Memorial Day weekend! It was nice seeing so many familiar faces once again!

It's also nice seeing so many of our patrons use the handout litter bags (handed out at the gate) to throw all their garbage away in our trash cans before they leave for the evening. We really appreciate it! Especially, Todd who picks up all the garbage in the morning.

Showing this weekend, Friday, May 29th, Saturday, May 30th, and Sunday, May 31st. The gates open at 7 pm on Friday, 6 pm on Saturday, and 7 pm on Sunday.

Screen 1:
8:45 pm - "San Andreas" - rated PG13
10:40 pm - "Pitch Perfect 2" - rated PG13
Screen 2:
8:40 pm - "Tomorrowland" - rated PG
11:10 pm - "Avengers: Age of Ultron" - rated PG13

Don't forget to mark your calendars for Saturday, June 13th, for our 12th Annual Hollingshead Celebration with fireworks at intermission. One of the features for the evening will be "Jurassic World". There will be more info to follow.

Congratulations go out to: Brian Sook, who was the 33rd correct email with last week's trivia contest. The correct answer was: The first movie shown was a British comedy by Adolphe Menjou - "Wife Beware" on June 6, 1933 at Park-In Theatres on Cresent Boulevard in Camden, NJ. Brian, please email your mailing address so I can get two passes out to you in the mail.

This week's trivia question will be: What film was the last sequel to win a Best Picture award? The 82nd correct email will win two passes to use sometime during the 2015 season. Good luck! Remember, only one email per household.

See you under the stars at Becky's!

Movies are more fun at Becky's!