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Name Christine, Jack, & Laura
Favorite Movie Blade Runner (Christine), Godfather (Jack), and Sh
Location Feasterville, PA

This year has been a great season! We've been to your drive-in more than indoor movies. And actually, come to think of it, the only movies we saw all summer were at your drive-in. Even though we're about an hour and a half drive away, we never regret coming. We've introduced a lot of novices to your drive-in, some to young to even remember them being all over. Everyone we brought has had a great time. Loved the dusk till dawn on Labor Day. When I first asked our neice Laura if she wanted to go to an all night movie showing, her first question was "At Becky's?!". She was so excited. I was excited. We all loved it. She wanted to stay up for the whole thing but made it 1/2 way through. I think that's pretty good for an 8 year old. My sister says she is still telling her little friends about it. You definitely have a young fan who I'm sure will continue to come for years to follow. So keep up the good work! As long as your running it, we'll keep coming. Thanks, Christine, Jack, and Laura (the butterfly princess)

Name Cindy Deppe
Favorite Movie 007 movies
Location Berlinsville

You didn't sign your name, but, the reason we don't mention in our history page about showing adult movies in the 1970's and 1980's, is because I want to forget about that era. If my father wouldn't have shown those movies back than, Becky's would be history by now. In the 1950's there were 4,000 drive-ins in the USA. In the 1970's--drive-ins were closing like mad. Basically, because of the land value, and cable TV and videos. Everyone was staying at home and watching TV and videos in the comfort of their home. By the 1980's there were 800 drive-ins left in the USA. It was either sell Becky's or show adult movies to survive. My father chose adult movies. We all have skelton's in our closets that we want to hide. Plus, it made me work harder to get the drive-in back to the way it was while I was growing up in the 1950's and 1960's when he showed family movies. In 2004, there are approx 400+ drive-ins in the USA. Hopefully, we will be able to keep the drive-in going, so families can enjoy themselves while attending Becky's Drive-In

Name jd

You do not mention in the history section that Becky's only showed adult movies in the 1970's until the early 1980's

Name Jen
Favorite Movie Forrest Gump
Location Bethlehem, PA

My boyfriend and I have made going to the drive-in our favorite summer tradition. We have been to other drive-ins in the area, and none of them compare to Becky's! We try to come to Becky's at least once a week because we love it so much. You all do such a nice job that we love coming back. We especially loved your Dusk to Dawn showing over Labor Day weekend. What fun! Keep up the good work. We will be so sad when you close for the season. Thanks for the good times!

Name Angel Sue aka Wild_ChildSue
Favorite Movie Too many to name
Location Leesport, PA

My friends and I visited the drive-in for the first time for your dusk to dawn marathon this past weekend. we had an awesome time and will definately be returning!

Name beth
Location new egypt , NJ

Love your drive-in! we make the trip every year over Labor day weekend ! thanks for the memories!!

Name Ahlbrandt family
Location Manville, NJ

Well worth the drive to Becky's. Everything from friendly staff and patrons, well maintained and clean, (even the bathrooms), great food, great prices. Wonderful place to take the kids. We will be coming back.

Name John H.James
Favorite Movie Halloween
Location Weyers Cave, Virginia

Great site .... Hope to visit next year... if you ever visit us down south, check out Hope to see ya'll soon !!!!!

Name Fred
Location New York

Good-loking site. Thanks :)

Name Kenneth Morgan
Favorite Movie "Star Wars" series
Location Piscataway, NJ

I first heard about your drive-in last year, and I'm now going to do my best to get there every year. It's a nice place and I like it a lot. Thanks very much for keeping it around.

Name Annie Peters
Location Asbury, NJ

i love the drivein!!

Name maryellen tharp/william waverka
Favorite Movie garfield
Location south river nj

we love your drive in very much

Name Stephanie
Location Hampton, NJ

This past Saturday (7/31/04) was my first time seeing a movie at a drive-in. It was great! I'm so glad that I live close enough to make this a summer habit. I only wish the weather had cooperated - maybe next time. Terrific prices and great fun make Becky's our new movie place. Thank you and keep up the great work!

Name Renee

I really enjoy going to the drive in here at Becky's. The intermission shows are great! I just wish that more were still around.

Name Blake Dannen
Favorite Movie Pulp Fiction or Raising Arizona

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Cindy, Chris and everybody at Becky's for a great time at WZZO Night! I love the "drive-in experience" and, personally, it was a blast for me to host an event at Becky's. Any time you'd like to have me and WZZO there, I'd be glad to do it! Is it true that Becy's is the oldest drive-in in the US that has been continuously run by the same family?!

Name the Dilts family
Location Phillipsburg, NJ

STILL STANDING isn't great as the years go by homes are being built & good old entertanment like drive-ins are being torn down. ( STAR LIGHT drive-in ) I love seeing horrar movies outdoors in the dark just ads to the scare of things. The price of indoor movies are getting nuts. I would rather go to BECKYs anyday over indoor movies. PLEASE keep drive-ins alive forever. We LOVE BECKYs Drive-in. Thanks for the flicks & fun.

Name Tim
Favorite Movie The Longest Day
Location Preston MD

What a GREAT place!!! I sooo wish we lived closer to you. sigh You look like you all have a wonderful outlook on life and the movies. I bet Beckys is a good place to work too! See ya at the movies! Tim B Strawberry Fields Farm Preston MD "ON THE SHORE"

Name Tiffany Szankovics
Favorite Movie its a Toss up between White Chicks and Garfie
Location Allentown and walnutport

I love Becky's.They are so far the only Movie Theater who still considers pets as part of the family.My puppy goes along and they treat him just like a person with bones and pictures.They also treat thier human customers with the greatest respect and when you need a question answered they are right there to answer it.Thank you for the y ears of entertainment and hopefully for the many more years to come

Name Cathy
Favorite Movie Shrek 2
Location Palmer Township, PA

I brought my 3 yr old to see Shrek 2 at Becky's and it was great. He loved that he was able to watch the movie from the car. Not to mention that he was able to get up and move around without disturbing any one. We can not wait to see move movies at Becky's.

Name debbie herman
Favorite Movie spiderman 2
Location home