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Name Terry
Favorite Movie Shawshank Redemption
Location Long Pond, PA

I haven't been to a drive-in in about ten years & I sure did miss it. I have a 9 month old baby so it was really nice to be able to bring her with us. I just wish you weren't so far away! Funnell cake is a must.

Name Kelly
Favorite Movie Somewhere in Time
Location Roseto,PA

I am so glad that I was invited to last week's Shrek 2 by some friends. We had our vehicles next to each other and it was such a joy rediscovering the drive-in experience again. It was very affordable and we loved that our three children had so much fun. Our 13 year old thanked us for the night as we drove home and we are certain to return. Thanks again for the great atmosphere!

Name Heather J
Favorite Movie Sabrina
Location Slatington, Pa

My friends and family just love going to Becky's!! I've been there every summer as long as I can remember (I'm 22). Just a wonderfull place to watch movies!! Great Job!

Name Elizabeth
Favorite Movie Grease
Location Jersey Shore

My mother used to tell me stories about when she was a child, and my grandparents would bring her and the rest of the children to the drive-in in their pajamas. I used to always think about how cool it would be to go to a drive in like my mom used to, and recently I got the chance-at Becky's. It was an experience to remember. The staff was friendly, the clarity was awesome and the atmosphere was fun. Thank you for making my first drive-in (but definately not my last) experience a great one!

Name Nate
Favorite Movie Boondock Saints
Location Boyertown

I had been looking for a drive-in theater for a while, then last summer my girlfriend told me about this place. We went and it was amazing. Keep up the good work, I plan on seeing a few movies with you folks. :)

Name suzie
Favorite Movie shrek 2

I have a great time at your drive ine every year since i was 2 i am 31 i never had a problem untill last weakend for shrek 2 use were telling people to park close and my car got hit i think 2 moany people were aloud in plus some of our family wasnt aloud in then they let 20 more cars in after they were sent away i am very disapointed in how things were handled that satirday night then after our car got hit one of the workers sad we may have to move closer toghether

Name Rob
Favorite Movie Alot of them
Location Jim Thorpe, PA

I am wondering why "Day After Tomorrow" wasn't in your theatre. I have been wanting to see that movie.

Name Amanda
Favorite Movie Agent Cody Banks

Very nice place for everyone to go! Small kids too!

Name kassaundra
Favorite Movie shrek2
Location pa


Name Kathy

Went to see Shrek with my 3 kids Saturday. Haven't been to Becky's in years, and extremely pleased at how clean and well-kept it still is. My only complaint-all of the vans and SUVs that have their hatchbacks wide open! I moved my van to 5 different spots, finally found a spot where there wasn't an open hatchback, and then 15 minutes before the movie, the SUV directly in front of us opened their hatchback. Needless to say, it blocked part of the screen. I think management should tell those inconsiderate people to either close them, or tie them so thay are even with the roof. Sorry to complain, but after spending $15.00 for admission, I think we deserved to see the movie. Thanks.

Name Cindy Deppe
Favorite Movie Doris Day movies & Sean Connery as James Bond
Location Pennsville, PA

This comment is directed to Kathy who signed our guestbook and to whomever had the same problem. The last 6 rows are for vans, SUV's, trucks, mini-vans, etc. The only way management is going to know one of our patrons are unhappy is to report any problems that arises during the evening. We have security guards walking around with twine for ALL higher vehicles to tie their hatches down level with the roofs of their vehicles. Our main proirity is to please our customers and to have an enjoyable evening under the stars.

Name Jerry Camardella

I'm looking foward to taking my grandchildren to a Saturday movie. I just retired and I'm FREE!

Name Jenna
Favorite Movie Men In Black
Location Kunkletown, PA

I have been coming to your drive in since I was a kid. I think it is terrific that you kept it going for so long and I am very grateful that I can now bring my children to Becky?s to watch wonderful family movies . It is a great place to be with family and friends. Thanks Becky?s Keep it going for all the other future generations to come. GREAT JOB!!!

Name loretta smith
Location collegeville, pa

my family and i just love coming to your drive-in.

Name Janice Bernath
Favorite Movie Jaws
Location Bordentown NJ

What a great website. Thanks for the memories!

Name Maria
Favorite Movie Grease
Location Allentown, PA

I was there for the first time with my fiance and our children. I thought it was the most romantic place he has ever taken me. It was a place that was inexpensive, romantic, and fun for the kids. Keep up the good work.

Name Mary
Location New Jersey

My fiancee and I began visiting Becky's with friends 2 summers ago. I can now say it is one of the most enjoyable parts of our summer. We look forward to going as much as possible. Keep up the good word!

Name Robert & Lisa Archuleta
Location Allentown

Originally from Dallas Texas where there are no drive in theaters. Since moving here, we have started a new family tradition, watching movies at Beckys. Excellent family evironment.

Name Wanda Brown
Location Lehighton

Can't wait to see all the great movies that are coming this summer.

Name John & Patti Bedics
Location Catasauqua, Pa

We look forward every year to coming to becky's drive-in, we think it is the best drive-in around with it's beautiful & quiet surroundings. It is one of the best deals around when considering the skyrocketing prices of theatre tickets. Thank you Becky's, see ya soon!