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Name Raven H
Favorite Movie Rocky Horror Picture Show
Location Palmerton Pa

Having grown up in the area Becky?s Drive in is an intuition in my family, many a summer nights have been spent on the grass looking up at Screen 1 or sitting on lawn chairs gazing at Screen 2 when it came to be. Either way you can defiantly say Becky?s have been a presence in my childhood and as an adult I get together with friends to come see movies as well. For a long time I have said we need to do Rocky here, I?ve even talked to a few of you all about it and now we are, and best of all I?m in the cast performing ? I can?t wait for this weekend and I hope to do it again next year! Just wanted to pop on and say thanks for all the memories and thanks for this weekend!

Name Ashley
Favorite Movie Planet of the Apes
Location Slatington,Pennsylvania

LOVE going to Becky's it is the most awesomist place on Earth!

Name David

You guys should try and bring back the horror movie marathon next year

Name Ron Bis
Favorite Movie The Underworld movies!
Location Stroudsburg

Going to the Drive-in is the best way to watch movies!

Name cathy davila
Favorite Movie rocky
Location trenton n.j.

thanks so much for wishing my son michael a happy 15 th birthday love becky for the last 5 years even tho we travel 1 hour and 15 minutes to get there havent missed a labor day since then love beckys thanks so much for keeping american past time alive

Name Mark Rooster
Favorite Movie Halloween
Location Bethlehem

The bubblegum-flavored cotton candy you guys have this year is fantastic! Please keep it in stock!

Name Jennifer
Favorite Movie Smurfs
Location Hellertown,PA

Wow loved it. Took my kids in their PJ's to go see SMURFS and then Cars 2 came on. Love a double feature. First time ever it was the best. Tailgated sprawled out and relaxed. I will do it all the time now. So worth it.....Thanks Becky's.

Name Mike
Favorite Movie any action is fine with me.
Location Bethlehem, PA

The family and I enjoy the dusk till dawn every year. It has become a family tradition. What a joyful time to spend with family.

Name Dawn
Favorite Movie Pee Wee's Big Adventure
Location New Jersey

Took the family there for the first time yesterday, LOVED IT! The boys had a great time hanging out in the back of the Jeep, playing on the playground, getting awesome snacks from the stand, etc.. Add this place as a destination for great family memories!

Name Valerie
Favorite Movie Fast Five
Location Allentown

My family and I enjoy going to BDI. People are friendly and the price is right. nothing compares to watching movies under the stars with your love ones. Keep up the good work BDI staff.

Name Christina G.
Location Hackettstown, NJ

We love BDI and visit as much as possible. The 1 1/2 drive home after the 2nd movie is LONG, but the experience of BDI is well worth it! Will be back soon!!! The french fries are SO GOOD!!

Name missy groller (:
Favorite Movie transformers 3
Location bethlehem

honestly, beckys is the best place to go with your friends and just relax and have a great time. and i honestly love watching a great movie and eating a nice pickle(:

Name Aaron Jones
Location Sinking Spring PA,

I'm not going to make a long story, all I have to say is Becky's the best!! My family loves it!!!

Name kitty
Favorite Movie Harry Potter
Location nazareth

Me and my family have seen every harry Potter movie here and so many others we have made this a tradition every year for many many years we have come out here to watch and enjoy movies on the big screen and hope to enjoy many many more. Its great for the whole family. very family oriented. The food is great and not ridiculous and so is the price for 2 movies a great deal, Great entertainment.

Name Howell Family
Favorite Movie Harry Pottter
Location Washington,New Jersey

Best way to have family fun.great place to bring our son who is in a wheelchair.he loves being there.

Name Bubz
Favorite Movie Easy Rider
Location Bethlehem

Ok.. Gonna give this a whirl.. Love traditional America and this sounds pretty Damn good from what I can read! Keep traditions going, protect what made America Great..

Name George
Favorite Movie Brazil
Location Abington, PA

We are driving up to Becky's TONIGHT! The kids have been begging me to take them to see Super 8 and I figured, hey, might as well do it at Becky's! We love the place and it's well worth the drive a few times a year. I miss the drive-ins of the passt and am thrilled I can trwat my kids to what I grew up with!


I grew up going to this theater with my family and now take my children. I've seen so many movies here, from Bambi to Footloose, to several Star Wars movies. Thnk you for all of the great movies & memories !!!

Name Renee
Location Levittown Pa

We love to visit Becky's Sunday May 29th 2011, we introduced new friends to Becky's everyone had a great time saw Kung Fu Panda2 looking forward to this season of movies...once you are open every night we visit at least every 2 weeks according to movies playing....

Name Carleen
Location East Stroudsburg, PA

The kids have been waiting since you closed last year to open for this season. We're going tonight, soooo excited. Love the summer for the drive-in with the fam.