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Name Eileen
Favorite Movie Grease
Location Gilbertsville

We went to Beckys for a night out with the kids the night my husband returned from a deployment! We had such a great time and we were able to sit back and relax! My 11 month old was able to walk around...and my older kids loved the animals!It was outstanding!

Name mark levy
Favorite Movie JAWS
Location ocean township

My sister lives in the area, so I got to went to Becky's a couple a weeks ago and Loved it. She asked me if I would want to come back on Sep 3rd for the dusk till dawn show and of course I said yes but I was wondering when thet will release the list of movies they will be showing????

Name Sam
Favorite Movie All moviies are my favorites!
Location North Brunswick, NJ

I'm Going to Becky's tonight! See me there! I'll be watching screen 2 from a Camry!

Name whitey
Favorite Movie to many to mention
Location Bangor

Hoping to see you corn maze and haunted drive-in return this year also hoping to see the horror movie marathon in october

Name Moses
Favorite Movie Click
Location Saylorsburg

I love Becky's it's great family place. Me and my family really enjoy ourself and the nice service we recive. I promote you to all my friends. I was just wonering if you will show Pirates of the Carrabiean this summer. keep up the great work!

Name Heather
Favorite Movie Finding Nemo
Location Allentown

My boyfriend and I came to Becky's, we'll never go anywhere else again! What a great time! Will definately be back!

Name mary
Favorite Movie pretty woman
Location trexlertown

My family and I love to come to Beckys!!! Its a great way to spend quality family time together---on a budget!!

Name tami and jason
Favorite Movie ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Location bathlehem

i look foward to coming every year , its great being able to watch a movie without that annoying cougher and that couple that wont stop guessing whats next !!!!!! (we all know how that is !?!?!)

Name Rick
Favorite Movie Armageddon
Location Easton

We love the drive-in and we always loved Becky's. I like parking in the front row with my Cadillac, and eating some pizzas or other snacks before the show. It is the very best of times. See ya soon, Rick

Name tammy & dave and boys
Favorite Movie so far scary movie 4
Location nazareth

I'm waiting for the omen to come here and the new fast and furious .... We absolutely love Becky's we get sad every year it closes for the season and excited when you reopen!! Your the only drive in around our area and I'm glad to see you guys are still open and going strong for years to come

Name Marissa
Favorite Movie Over the hedge
Location Walnutport

I love it at Becky's!

Name MaryAnn
Favorite Movie Dirty Dancing
Location Allentown, PA

I always have fun when I visit Beck's. It's the best for movies and to be with my family and friends.



Name Dlorah05
Favorite Movie Moulin Rouge

My juicy boyfriend introduced me to Becky's last summer and I have been going every weekend since. It's a wonderful place to bring the entire family. Great atmosphere, great fun!

Name Skip Poole
Favorite Movie Evil Roy Slade
Location Saylorsburg, PA

I thought I'd add my accolaces to Becky's My wife and I have been visiting Becky's since 1995. We visit at least 3 times a year. We have enjoyed every visit. Only criticism, add more restrooms! It's gets a little busy at intermission.

Name The House
Favorite Movie No one imparticular I really liked The Green Mile!
Location Slatington

Beckys is the best for family fun times! Kids love not being crammed in a box. Air! Nothing better! My Favorite summer destination! I only feel bad for the people who arent used to drive-ins not realizing that even in the summer it gets really cold and they arent prepared. It's old hat to me and I'm in the know! Great Job and Kudos to the entire Beckys Clan keep up the good work!!!

Name kassaundra
Favorite Movie SELENA!!
Location northampton,PA

I have been going to beckys since i was 3.I am eleven now.Tommorow I am going to see over the hedge.I like it at BECKYS.Everyone is so nice there.I ALways love to go to beckys and have fun.It is just so fun even to watch the previews and the movie.I like that you can listen to the sound from the move.On your car radio,radio,and your very own cd player it is so COOL!!!That all I can say about beckys for now.Other then BECKYS IS THE MOST AMAZING PLACE TO SE A MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!!1

Name Kelly Meyer
Favorite Movie Labrynth
Location High Bridge, NJ

Going to Becky's was a real treat! i felt like I was in the movie "Grease" @ the drive in wacthing the corny intermission comercials. it was my first time at a drive in and I intend to frequent it. It's a great place to introduce my new famiy to, as well as the pets.

Name larry driver sr.
Favorite Movie to many to list
Location trenton n.j

First I want to say hi to Cindy, Dean, Darrel and all the nice people that work at Becky's. I'v been going to Becky's since the Bucks Conuty DI closed in 1998. It's a ride from Trenton but, we very much enjoy Beckys. Iv been going to Drive-ins since 1953. Since then things sure changed. We've lost over 4000 DI'S. We need to make sure that we keep Becky's and the ones that are left here in 2006. Now to get to a point that i really want to make. Bringing a little food or drink into the drive-in is one thing. Im sure most people that do, still spend money in the concession stand but, to leave the DI after the first movie and go to Burger king or any other place, then to have the, back hills ,trashy nerve to think you have the right to enter the DI again without paying , is a very low down thing to do. Who, does this probably spends more for food at burger king. if you need Burger king that bad, ask them to start showing movies there, and suck up a few woppers and jumbo fries. Maybe they'll even get you a big couch to flop on. Drive-ins dont need people like that. We need to support Becky's or any other DI we go to, or one day soon we'll wish we did, when a Wal Mart, or a developer shows the money!! So for you 99% of good people enjoy and keep comming to the Drive-in. Larry D, A Drive-in fan club member, & ozone card holder

Name skywalkerschoeny
Favorite Movie starwars(ALL 6)
Location lehighton

im 33 ,most men my age are into the bar/club thing.not i,i feel great,the next morning,i also know i will injoy myself when i begin to watch the moveis,thanks for staying true to to running a greart family place