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Name Pam
Location Phillipsburg, NJ

OMG. Had a great time. Haven't been to a drive in 23 years. My husband is a native NEw Yorker and this was a totally new experience. Loved that now you don't have to put the speaker in the car. Just great! Made me feel like a kid again. Took my little girl and she thought it was the greatest thing. We will be back for many years to come! Long live the Drive in and Becky's !

Name Drew Bludd
Favorite Movie Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas
Location Easton

Patiently awaiting my chance to get to Becky's this year.....

Name curtis J. Bartholomew
Favorite Movie All of the above
Location Bethlehem, Pa.

Been a fan of Becky's since1963 Before and after the rating change...LOL Even played soft ball for them (short stop) back in the eighties.

Name suzie and tom markle
Favorite Movie shrek
Location phillipsburg nj

I have been coming to your drive in since i was a child. i am going to be 31 on april 17 i will be there for my birthday. my husband and i are there every weakend and sometimes during the weak cant wait untill saturday keep up the great work we love the friendly atmosphere maybe we will get a picture on the web this year. we also love takiing our dogs they love their biscuts THANK YOU!!

Name denis din
Location new jersey

cant wait to try out your theater found you on the net come on summer

Name Tony Bonafide
Favorite Movie Grumpy old men
Location Beachwood, NJ

Excited about the up-coming season. I hope to make it there a few times with my convertible collector car.

Name Ken and Dee Kratzer and Girls
Favorite Movie To many to name
Location Bethlehem

We love the drive in. we go as much as we can every summer. keep up the good work.

Name Mark Sutinen
Favorite Movie The Return of the King
Location Walnutport, PA 18088

Looking forward to another summer at Becky's Drive-in!!!!

Name Denise Hassick
Favorite Movie Gone With The Wind
Location Bethlehem, PA

Becky's is now a family tradition and we are looking forward to bringing our 3 year old a lot this season!

Name Michele Andersen
Location New Jersey

I love the drive-in! My parents used to take me & sister to the drive in when I was a kid.. when Jersey still had drive-ins! Three years ago when my fianc? and I started dating, he told me PA (where he lived) still had drive-ins and we found Becky's. We've gone a couple times every summer. Now we live in Jersey but plan to still go to Becy's a couple times this summer! Its worth the drive!!

Name Becky Norris
Favorite Movie Shrek!
Location Belvidere, NJ

I love Becky's!! My fiance and I have been going the past two summers and we can't wait til you guys open for our third! Its so nice to know there is a wonderful family run place like Becky's right up the road, a place we always feel welcome!! Keep up the great job everyone and we'll see you soon!

Name kerry tice
Favorite Movie the evil dead(s)
Location Allentown

been coming to becky's since the 70's,expect to see the hearse again this year. great times to be had

Name john and maria martin
Favorite Movie kellys heros
Location florence newjersey

cant wait for opening weekend.alyssa,brandon,maria and i come up from jersey every other weekend to enjoy movies the way i grew up on them.outdoors keep up the great work.

Name Lisa-Lee Barker
Favorite Movie Grease
Location Effort, PA

Looking forward to opening night! When I was a kid, my family and I used to pack up our blankets and WALK to the Sunset Drive-In on Route 7 in Lanesboro, Mass. We lived a half mile from it. That drive-in is no longer open, but that was my favorite memory as a kid. Thank you Becky's for letting us continue to enjoy a fun evening under the stars!

Name Pam Koellhoffer
Location Bath, PA

I never went to a drive-in until Spring 2003 at Becky's! I have to say, it's the best movie going experience I've ever had. We went once a week until Becky's closed, and I can't wait for you guys to open again!

Name Matt Mascera
Favorite Movie Bullitt
Location Hope, NJ

Really enjoy the theater, reminds me of when I was a kid going to the Drive-in. Did you ever think about having a classic car night, that would really stir some memories from people!

Name Lucy Germuga
Favorite Movie Twister
Location Whitehall, PA

Our family comes to Becky's every year!! We enjoy the family atmosphere and the kids have even more fun than us. Thanks for the memories and we look forward to seeing you again this year!

Name Heather & David Begasse
Location Easton, PA

We love coming to the drive-in. We hardly see any movies all winter and see everything in the summer. Please don't ever leave us. We wouldn't know what to do without the drive-in.

Name Don Paschen
Favorite Movie Excape From New York
Location Grand Prairie Texas

Loved this web sight....It is all great to look at sence we dont have a drive-in theater hear any more on Dallas Ft Worth area any more... you are 1521.19 miles away from me but hope to see the theater one day...tahnks again and have the greatest day .

Name Ken & Michelle Carroll
Favorite Movie Too many to list!
Location New Brunswick, New Jersey

Both Ken & Myself have worked in a movie place at one time or another in our lives and have been surrounded my all types of movies. We enjoy renting movies and going to the theaters here at home yet everytime we go we say "That movie would have been great at Becky's Drive-In....can't wait til they open again!" We are bringing more people with us this year. This is our Third season coming to Becky's! We wish you many many many more years! Ken & Michelle Carroll