Q & A

Do you have a schedule of what movies will be playing this summer?

Often times we may not know what movies we will be playing until a few days before we play them. Because of this, it would be impossible to have a schedule for the entire summer. We do, however, post the shows on this website as soon as we know what they will be. You are also welcome to join our newsletter to have the show dates sent directly to your E-mailbox.

Why do you sometimes play action or horror movies instead of family movies?

We try very hard to show family movies as much as possible. However, family movies may not be available at times. This leaves us with the only option of showing some more adult oriented movies.

Why do you sometimes show an R rated movie after a PG movie?

At times, we must play an R movie as the second feature because that may be all that is available from a film company. Because certain film companies do not like their movies to be mixed with another film company?s movie, we will be required to show two movies from the same company. At times, two family movies may not be available, and we will show an R rated movie as the second feature.