Becky's Drive-In Rules

  1. Speed limit is 5 MPH
    No loud stereos & avoid horn use
  2. Please use parking lights to enter and exit the theatre. No vehicle lights allowed during movies. Please take foot off brake pedal.
  3. All 4x4 vehicles (trucks & vans) in last 6 rows for Screen 1 and last 4 rows for Screen 2.
  4. Please place all garbage in trash cans. Use provided bags for your garbage.
  5. No cooking, grilling or food preparation on drive-in property. Alcohol prohibited.
  6. One parking space per vehicle on busy nights. Park close to vehicle next to you. Place lawn chairs & blankets in front of your vehicle. Use emergency brakes before sitting outside.
  7. No sitting on roofs of vehicles.
  8. No running on drive-in property. No playing on or behind both movie screens.
  9. Raised hatchbacks must be tied down to roof level. Twine is available at refreshment stand.
  10. Laser pointers are prohibited.
  11. Adult supervision is required for children on playground equipment. Playground closed during double features.
  12. Jumper cables are available at projection room if your car needs to be jumped.
  13. Pets must remain on leash & be quiet. Owner must clean up after their pets (Bags available at ticket office). No pets are permitted in refreshment stand.
  14. No re-admission once in drive-in. You must pay to re-enter. Special circumstances may be considered but must be cleared at ticket office prior to leaving the drive-in. Save ticket stubs, as they are proof you paid to attend drive-in.
  15. No shirts, no shoes, no service.
  16. Video taping movies on screens is prohibited! Film Piracy is against the law, and if you are caught, you will be reported to authorities.
  17. Have an enjoyable evening watching the double features under the stars!