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Name Julie Riker
Favorite Movie Beauty & The Beast
Location Easton, PA

Love the new site. We cannot wait to watch movies under the stars again this summer. Our whole family loves Beckys! Have been coming since I was a kid!

Name Amanda Rivera
Favorite Movie Legends of the fall
Location Temple

We have been coming here every year since we found out about Becky's drive in. We love the movies. Prices. And snacks. Its a great experience for all ages. We tell EVERYONE we know about the drive in. We are an hr away but it is worth the drive ALWAYS!

Name Amanda Rivera
Favorite Movie Legends of the fall
Location Temple

We have been here every year since we found out about Becky's four years ago. We love you guys and tell EVERYONE we know. We are an hr drive away but it is always so worth it ! Prices are great. Snacks are cheap too. Its a great experience for all ages!

Name Michelle Martucci
Favorite Movie All types of horror movies and cheesy romance movies
Location Bethlehem, PA

Love the new site! I especially like the quick tab at the top, which makes it easy to access all of the different menu options easily (even on a phone). See you in 2017...can't wait to make more memories with my family

Name Blaise Malloy
Favorite Movie Too Many To Choose Just One!
Location Allentown, PA

Becky's is a treasure! The first movie I ever saw at the Drive In was Hercules when I was just in elementary school. Becky's has been good to me over the years where I shared my first date with my now husband, we visit as many times as we can in the summer and NEVER miss a Dusk-To-Dawn Marathon! It is the perfect place to unplug, snuggle up with loved ones, indulge in the snack bar, take your pet on an adventure, and feel the summer breeze under the stars all while taking in the newest films! I could not say enough good things about Becky's Drive In! I also love the new website design. It is easy to navigate and has fun bold graphics!

Name Alison
Favorite Movie Beauty and the beast

Our family loves Becky 's (my three kids, husband and i) we have been going since my first was big enough to enjoy movies and now it's become a family tradition. This website is awesome too, I can check the movies and movie times.

Name Debbie
Favorite Movie
Location Cresco, Pa

Love the new website, easy to navaigate!! Can't wait for you to open, we try to visit atleast 3 times a season!!

Name Shannon Davis
Favorite Movie
Location Chalfont, PA

Love the new website! It is very easy to navigate and provides so much information. I love having the snack bar menu on hand. I am very excited to visit Becky's again this summer. I frequently visited the drive in as a kid so I have very fond memories of it! Also, my fiance and I shared our first date at Becky's so it is a very special place for us. We can't wait until opening weekend!

Name Lauren R
Favorite Movie Too many to choose one!
Location Bethlehem, PA

The new site looks great and is easy to use! My 2 favorite drive-in memories are from Becky's. The first time I ever went to a drive-in, my Mom brought me to Becky's to see Ghost Dad and Problem child. We had a great time. When my daughter was born a few years ago, my husband and I had a date night to Becky's to see Neighbors with a 3 week old baby in tow. She just slept and nursed and we enjoyed a date night! :-) Can't wait to visit this summer!

Name Diane Hoadley
Favorite Movie All of them.
Location Washington nj

Love sitting in my car.

Name Lelani Smith
Favorite Movie The Grinch
Location East Stroudsburg Pa

We have been going to Becky's for years. It was great. Our children loved going. Now we bring our grandchildren! We always have a great time. Thanks for a great family activity.

Name Nicole Heydt
Favorite Movie Too many to list
Location Jim Thorpe

We love coming to your drive in over the summer and spending quality time with our kids. It's such a great place!!!

Name Toni
Favorite Movie Star Wars
Location Whitehall, PA

The new site looks really good! So, I love the drive-through because I can bring my younger children and they can squirm and I don't have to worry about them disturbing others around them. ❤️

Name Sherri Intrepido
Favorite Movie Yes there is a god
Location Roxy

I love Becky !!!! When my daughter and my grandkids come up from North Carolina they want to to Beckys. Reasonable prices for a family .

Name Amanda smith
Favorite Movie Jersey girl
Location Ottsville pa

So looking forward to this summer, our family has grown over the passed 2 years and continues to grow this year and so excited to bring the kids up to watch some movies!!!

Name Kerri
Favorite Movie Wall-E
Location King of Prussia

Becky's is the best for gathering friends and family to have fun and watch a movie under the stars. Really enjoy sitting in the front row in chairs, the best community experience.

Name Jen Shore
Favorite Movie The Sandlot
Location Allentown

Love the new website!! The family is already asking when our first trip this year will be. We can't wait! Will always be one of our summer time favorites.

Name Kadi Torres
Favorite Movie Too many to choose 😊
Location Blakeslee PA

We love coming to Becky's because it is one time when we can truly unplug from the everyday stresses and enjoy some true family time! My son is 3 and I love watching him grow and enjoy this family tradition!

Name Brenda
Favorite Movie The great outdoors
Location Lehighton Pa

Being coming to Becky"s since I was a kids. and know My kids bring there kids. Just love this drive in. pet friendly, good food, great for kids, just an adult night, Are just take the whole family. Becky,s lets you choose. Just an awesome place all around.

Name Tracy
Favorite Movie Guardian of the galaxy volume 1
Location Nazareth

We love spending our Friday nights under the stars as a family watching movies