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Name Ivette
Favorite Movie
Location Bethlehem

I love the Becky drive in

Name Brie wilkins
Favorite Movie The pirate movie
Location Pottstown, pa

I love Beckys drive in for a 100 different reasons. I have seizures and the drive in gives me better control on how I manage to watch films. As well more flexibiliy for the kids with fun before and between films. Better food at a more reasonable price and more comfotable seating since I'm bringing it. Hahaha The staff is amazing, informative, and always welcoming. I look forward to the new season and makng more memories there. Especially now that the website is a little cleaner cut and easier to run on mobile.

Name Morgan
Favorite Movie Home
Location Whitehall, Pa

I love Becky's it is the best way to make plans with all four of my kids for a night and have them enjoy themselves. It is also throw perfect date night place for my husband and I. Becky's is the best thing about summer for me and my family.

Name Jessica H
Favorite Movie The Wedding Singer
Location PenArgyl PA

Becky's is a trip back in time for affordable, family fun! See you at the movies!

Name Christina Torres
Favorite Movie Beauty and the Beast
Location Effort, PA

The updated website is easy to navigate and is informative! My family and I visited Becky's for the first time in the summer of 2016 and we couldn't have been more pleased! The children had a blast playing on the playground and in the bounce houses before the movies began. Good food, reasonable prices, and awesome family memories to look back on. We can't wait to visit again.

Name Howie Cox
Favorite Movie StarWars
Location Glenolden Pa

We've been comming to Beckys since 06,we try to go every other weekend,last year was hard because my daughter was diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension but you can bet we'll be there this year

Name Mike Zvalaren
Favorite Movie Star wars
Location Whitehall, PA

Beckys is what I think of when I think of summer!

Name NT
Favorite Movie Real Genius
Location Schnecksville, PA

Your website looks fantastic! The drive in is so special and allows us to attend with our children and give them a unique experience unlike the regular theater. Thank you for all you do!

Name MaryRose
Favorite Movie spirited away
Location swiftwater, pa

always wanted to go to a drive-in theater, I didn't think they existed anymore and was heartbroken until friends introduced me to you guys!!! It's an experience everyone should have!! And your location is awesome, definitely a good time. Can't wait to come back!

Name Margie Bachman
Favorite Movie

Love the layout and colors of the new site! Great job! Love the drive in, brings back so many memories!

Name Georgette amaro
Favorite Movie Pitch perfect 2
Location Easton pa

I love coming with my family to watch the amazing movies you have there! Y'all are so sweet! Love the new web page set up too.

Name Tristen
Favorite Movie It's hard to pick just one favorite movie - but I'll go with Ghost Rider
Location Egypt, PA

Love coming to Becky's since we first moved to PA. Now I'm looking forward to carrying on the drive in tradition with my daughters

Name Melanie Vega
Favorite Movie Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken
Location East Bangor, PA

We love Becky's! One of our families favorite summertime traditions! Your website looks wonderful and opens up easily on an IPhone! Can't wait to see some great movies this summer and make some great memories- and to camp with our scouts! So much fun to be had- keep up the great work!

Name Jennifer Davis
Favorite Movie

I love going to Beckys with my husband. Its so nice being able to watch movies outside. And I can't wait to see the New Fast and Furious movie! Can't wait til u open!!

Name Amanda everitt
Favorite Movie Trolls
Location Nazaretg

I love coming to the drive in !!!I always came with my grandparents when I was young and now I always bring my kids and they love it!!! Our grandparents passed over the holidays and I know they loved that I follow the same traditions they did with me !! Thank you for a safe fun place to bring the kids!

Name Patti
Favorite Movie You got mail
Location Klecknersville

I love you Drive in because: 1. It is a nice, clean and everyone is so friendly 2. You always show great movies 3. It is close to my home and is ease to find 4. Just love going to your drive in❤

Name Jasmine Kyzer
Favorite Movie Anything musical
Location Allentown

I love the new site. I bring my family to Becky's a couple times a year and am always amazed at how friendly your staff is.

Name Kerri Capece
Favorite Movie Too hard to pick!
Location Pen Argyl, Pa

Love the new website is mobile friendly and easy navigation! Love going to the drive in with our kids when you play two children's movies on one screen!

Name Amanda Zellers
Favorite Movie Beeltejuice
Location Kunkletown PA

I've been with my husband since we went to palmerton high school. We had our date nights there about every other weekend during the summer. Now that we're much older and have a family we still make sure to have at least one date night at Becky's just to reminisce on the good old days. Our children aren't really old enough yet to sit still or enjoy the experience like we do but perhaps in the future we'll be making our outings a family tradition.

Name Todd Bass
Favorite Movie Sorcerer's Apprentice
Location Richboro,Pa

We just love coming to Beckys for the night. It is our go to place for a family night out with our kids. The site looks great too...