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Name Tanya Williams
Favorite Movie Smokey and the bandit
Location Saylorsburg

Love this drive in! Such an amazing atmosphere and staff are SO friendly. Going to becky's combines the best of both worlds.. the outdoors and the fun of the movies! Great job on the new website, it's so easy to navigate and it's mobile phone friendly!

Name Marie
Favorite Movie Have many!
Location Souderton

I love coming to Becky's to continue the love of movies and family time with my children. I grew up with a drive in in warrington where a planet fitness and target now are:( All of our family used to go and we all still do! Thanks for being open and having two screens so we can switch if we have seen the movie already!

Name rob
Favorite Movie Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
Location Montgomery county Pa

Love the movies and this place because it brings my family together on many occasions. Plus the prices are right and the staff is super friendly.

Name Rachel Plowman
Favorite Movie
Location Effort Pa

Love the new site! Very easy to use. We love Becky's!! Great prices! We have had so many great family outings and date nights there and look forward to many more.

Name Marsha Jennings
Favorite Movie Christmas Vacation
Location Sciota, Pa

Love that we can have a great family night in the back of the truck under the stars! Kids love making a make shift bed in the truck and watch some movies. I think they like the snacks the best! Safe and fun night for all ages!

Name Sherry Beltz
Favorite Movie Grumpy Old Men
Location West Lawn, PA

I like the website, it's easy to find the info your looking for. I've never been to a drive in movie before, but I definitely want to go this season. I get emails about the movies being played and I think it's great that you can watch a couple movies in a row and under the stars at that. Sounds like a great place to me. Looking forward to going.

Name Loretta
Favorite Movie Dirty Dancing
Location Collegeville, PA

The new site is great because it is very informative, easy to follow, and very colorful. It will draw people in.

Name Melissa Mauricio
Favorite Movie Dirty Dancing
Location Easton,Pa

We absolutely love your place! And come often in the summer! It the one place that we can take our kids no matter what age, and know that they are going to have a GREAT time! From coming early to let them run around at the park, to the rides, and jump bounce. Then grabbing some snacks and sitting in the car to watch a family movie! and the best part.... they fall asleep so mommy and daddy can watch movie 2 alone and get our date night in as well! Can't recommend your place enough!!

Name Eliana Felix
Favorite Movie

Love Beckys Drive-in!! Have attended for so many years and enjoy it every time! Website looks awesome!!!

Name Jaime Sanza
Favorite Movie Sound of Music
Location Walnutport

Love the food, pricing and that the kids have a place to play before the movie! Enjoy all the other events and activities Beckys hosts during the year(Car shows,etc.).

Name Linda Perrella
Favorite Movie Almost Famous

I love Becky's! Its always a great place to enjoy new movies and spend time with with your family under the stars. A lifetime of memories for our little ones.

Name Kristin Heller
Favorite Movie Transformers
Location Reading, Pa

We love coming to Becky's because our boys enjoy it so much as do we. Our boys love sitting in the back of our truck under the stars and getting to see 2 movies. We make it a yearly tradition in the summer.

Favorite Movie LOTR triology
Location Palmer township pa

I have ALWAYS LOVED the drive ins since I was a kid and when I moved to PA I was so happy to know beckys and it's our summer time treat every year! Dinner and a movie under the stars !! Keep up the good work!!!

Name Katie Burkhardt
Favorite Movie The Crow
Location Kresgeville

Love the newly updated site! Great Job! Love that we can bring the dog with us! The kids always have a blast.. they always love playing with other kids before the shows start.. and the funnel cake is the BEST!!

Name Eric Brennan
Favorite Movie Transformers the Movie 1986
Location Poconos

My parents brought me here when I was a child, and I've been bringing my own children here now for the last 10 years.. There is no other place we'd rather see a movie! Can't wait for the new season :)

Name Brandy pfeiffer
Favorite Movie

This is a wonderful place to build menories from my childhood with my children!!!

Name Carmela Halletr
Favorite Movie Too many to choose
Location West easton, PA

I love the new website! So much fun and easy to use! Absolutely love spending time here with family and friends. Dog friendly and great prices! Can't wait for the 2017 season and to see you all under the stars!

Name Katie Uszaki
Favorite Movie Anne Of Green Gables
Location Summit Hill, PA

Great colors and cute characters on website. We love how nice Beckys is and that you relevant, appropriate movies for our kids.

Name Vince Rostkowski
Favorite Movie The Breakfast Club
Location Bethlehem, PA

I really am enjoying the redesign of the Becky's website! It's a quirky, updated style with lots of nods to the classic drive-in movie era! Functional, yet full of personality and style! I have loved attending Becky's over the past few years and it's a tradition I intend to continue for as long as I live in Pennsylvania. There is an atmosphere of community and a unique togetherness while being out under the stars that cannot be replicated anywhere else, and the fact that drive-in movies have been a tradition that has outlasted multiple generations is amazing to me. I can't get enough of it; I love sharing the experience of Becky's with as many friends as possible and I will continue that tradition again this season!

Name Craig Short
Favorite Movie Groundhog Day
Location Allentown

New website is easier to navigate on my phone.