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Name Jon

Why not paste inception with salt. I have been waiting to go to the drive in for months but there is always one good movie paired with a childrens movie. please put salt with inception

Response from Becky's Drive-In:
Wednesday July 21st, 2010

I'm sorry you don't like the pairing, but there is more to picking movies than just putting together the best match. What most people don't realize is that we pay a large percentage of our ticket sales to the film companies for these movies - usually in the realm of 60%. Because both Inception and Salt are new movies, we would be paying over 100% to the film companies to play them with each other. In other words, we would be paying more than what we take in in ticket sales to the film companies. This is why we typically pair a new movie with a movie that has been released for more than two weeks. We haven't finalized the shows for next week, but there is a good possibility that we will be able to pair Salt with Inception after Inception becomes two weeks old.

Name Wendy
Location Mt Bethel, PA

Love Becky's - We go often!! I would love to see you guys on Facebook ;)

Name Jason Tucci
Favorite Movie Animal House
Location Reading

Becky's in awsome. Can't wait to go back for another visit!!!!

Name Liz
Location Bushkill,PA

Looking forward to visiting your Drive in, I've been wanting to do so for 3 yrs and finally I will be heading that way. It has been highly recommended. Like to know what time is the best time to arrive.

Name Trisha Hopkins
Favorite Movie Twilight all of them/ Harry potter-all
Location Slatington, PA 18080

i so can not wait to see Eclipse with my girls n my son if he wants to go i doubt my husband wants to see Eclipse lol ...this will be our first time to a Drive In n i hope we have a blast....what time do we need to be there to get a great seat..i prefer the back lol... ive been waiting forever for eclipse and so have my girls lol

Name Bren
Location Warminster

OHHH!!! I love ghostryder's suggestion. All nite zombie fest would be awesome!!!!!

Name Bren McCarty
Favorite Movie Less then Zero
Location Warminster Pa

We found your drive in a few weeks ago while at an event. We are now making the hour and ten minute drive up twice a month to visit.LOVE IT!!! I am currently putting together a field trip for my brownie troop as part of their "DECADES" try it patch.Could you tell me the months your open? Thank you so much for keeping this great part of history alive!!!!! We are so coming to the Labor Day sleepover as well!!!

Name Ashley
Favorite Movie Wizard of Oz
Location Conshohocken

I've heard great things about Becky's and i'm making my first trip there this weekend. How early should we get there? Is there a maximum number of cars that can fit? Thanks!

Name ghostryder
Location reading, pa

What about a dusk til dawn zombie fest? That would be freakin awesome!

Name Scott McCormick
Location Lansdale, Pa

Thank you for such a great time. My 10yr old son and I were out on June 5th for the first time and it was spectacular, I was so glad to see that the drive- in theaters have not died and it was such a great time to take my son to his first drive-in and he loved every minute of it. Keep up the great work, you have found a big supporter in me.Look forward to coming back again soon.

Name alexander kujawski
Favorite Movie rainman
Location Birdsboro,PA

sorry i have to miss the fireworks tonight but my girl had to work tonight but we will be out there this sunday to enjoy the movies under the stars it will be my girlfriends frist drive in

Name Kathy
Favorite Movie How To Train Your Dragon
Location Beaufort SC

I love your web sight.I work at HWY 21 Drive In here Beaufort SC.You have so many neat things you do at your drive in.

Name Stacy
Favorite Movie Sixteen Candles
Location New Jersey

We absolutely love bringing our kids to Becky's. We have small children, so the drive-in is a great way to see movies -- a lot of space, fresh air and very inexpensive ($40 covered the price of tickets, large drinks, large popcorn, and other various snacks ... that would never be possible at a regular movie theater). We drive an hour to get there and it's completely worth the trip. It's a great way to spend a summer evening!

Name steve
Favorite Movie Star Wars
Location slatington

Wondering why your not showing "Friday the 13th"? Thats a perfect movie to show at the drive-in.

Name Brian

Please show nightmare on elm street soon. Jordan is right please have one screen for kids and one more for teens and adults. Nightmare on elm street will bring in a big crowd trust me.

Name Jordan
Favorite Movie Pretty Woman
Location northampton

Please show Nightmare on Elm Street soon! I definitely think it is important to have one screen show all kids movies but I think you guys are missing out on a huge teen crowd when there is always one movie on each screen for children. Beckys was a huge part of my friday night high school tradition and I'd hate for it to die out. Love you becky's!

Name Michelle & Eddie
Favorite Movie The Goonies
Location Jim Thorpe

We love going to Becky's it has become our summer staple. We didn't go to the movies much before we discovered this place. It brings back memories of going to the Drive In when I would visit my grandma. Even if it is a chilly night we bring sleeping bags or blankets and chairs that lean back and we don't care if it is freezing because it is worth it. All of the people that work there are nice. We hope Becky's is around long enough so one day we can bring our kids there.

Name chaz

the drive in should get Kick Ass or the Last song for next week. Replace that old percy jackson!

Name joann
Favorite Movie harry potter
Location northampton

looking forward to spring opening...can you post the date since it's technically spring already...can't wait to visit

Name me

pleaseee open this weekend with clash of the titans!