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Name Margaret Gibbs
Favorite Movie Flubber
Location Schnecksville, PA

I love Becky's! They show the best movies and have great food. My family and I go every weekend during the summer. It's so much better then going to the movie theater, except when it rains.

Favorite Movie Wizard of OZ

We were there this past weekend... Oct 10th ... for the triple feature... so much fun! Next year..... how about some "Fridays, or Apple B's" styled appa-teaser kinda stuff? I'd like to be able to just buy a light dinner with you guys instead of stopping on the way for a meal before the movies.... I'd rather give you folks the business...the menus just needs more..... how about good italian hoagies a la "subway" and some soups? I'm not complaining I love your Theater and want to give you all the entertainment $'s !!!!

Name Karla Campos Lopez
Location Temple, PA

Becky's is the best! Here is an article I wrote about it on

Name Jon
Favorite Movie rocky horror picture show
Location Allentown PA

I agree with you about when you have kids your opinions change and yes they should always play kids movies here for everyone should be able to enjoy the drive-in experience but what i was saying and should have been more specific is that when i made that opinion they had both screens showing really nothing but kids movies and i was wishing they would show something more adult atleast on one of the screens like one for kids the other screen fr adults even if its the smaller screen i dont care

Name Anne Marie
Favorite Movie KIDS...
Location Berks County

I see that some people are complaining. As I read these... please know that everyone that I know that visits Becky's is just thrilled. You offer two screens and usually offer one for the kids and the other for the squimish fans. Please do NOT lighten up on the kids movies. I can not ever stay at an all nighter becasue you usually go from a kiddie movie to some horrors. Remember fans... Becky's has the honor of letting us view what they offer and it is hard to plase everyone. Good job, Becky's and please continue to offer the great slection that you have in the past.

Name larry & kathy d
Favorite Movie white heat/ with james cagne
Location trenton nj

we have been to every dusk till dawn shows 5 or 6 i believe. even give up family picnics for it. brings back the good old memories form the sixty's. just hope you have more and a few people dont ruin it, with drinking and leaving couches and beer bottles behine. you have to loose all your drive-ins to really appreiate them as we do. we live in new jersey and untill 2004 there wasnt any in our state for 15 years. before i close, i have to say, BECKY'S IS THE GREATEST OF ALL DRIVE-INS

Name Ernie
Favorite Movie Public Enemies
Location Gilbert

I hadn't been to a Drive-In for over 25 years. Friends of ours drove all the way up from Maryland to spend Labor Day with us and do the All-Nighter.... It was great.

Name Rich
Location Easton

Love Becky's and the staff. Thanks for all you do. We will be there tonight for Dusk till dawn. Any chance that, next year, you could add fried dough to the concession menu?

Name Heather
Favorite Movie Rear Window
Location Blue Bell, PA

Haven't been to a drive-in in MANY years. We have to stay in town this holiday, and we looked up your drive-in! Planning on coming this Sat. and my husband and I cannot wait!!!

Name Sharon
Favorite Movie Wall-E
Location Philadelphia

My husband and I attended mid-week and we were the first car there. It rained off and on but we still enjoyed ourselves! Made sure we bought concessions too, want to support you fully. We will definitely be back even though you're a 90 minute drive! It's worth it!

Name dick arms
Location over here

beckys is the best place on earth

Name Mark Rooster
Favorite Movie Breakfast at Tiffany's
Location Bethlehem

Saw "Drag Me To Hell" and "Taking of Pelham 1-2-3" this year, and it was a great time. The horror movie marathon last October was also excellent. You guys have a great selection and awesome staff!

Name jodey
Favorite Movie babalon5 a call to arms...or all transformer movie

hade a great time love the drive in even if one movie isint that good the other was so its just like a theater but cheaper lots cheaper you can take a car full to the drive in for the cost of sodas and popcorn for 2 at a theater I hope these drive in survive longer than I do for their loss would be inconsoleable

Name Elle
Location Lehigh Valley

Some friends and I came for the first time a few weeks ago and really enjoyed ourselves! The employees in the ticket booth were friendly, there was plenty of space to park & spread our blankets/chairs out, and there is a nice variety of movies to be seen. Keep up the good work!

Name Natalie
Favorite Movie The Dark Knight
Location lehigh valley, pa

My friend and I will be going to becky's tomorrow. I have been taking her for the past 3 years and we absolutely LOVE IT! We actually saw our favorite movie there together. THE DARK KNIGHT! I suggest maybe having funny people. I've been hearing a lot of good reviews for that movie and i think it would bring in more people. I can't wait for tomorrow night!

Name John
Favorite Movie Caddyshack
Location Pocono Mountians

Don't let all the negative comments get you down, Becky's is still the best...We come down at least 3 or 4 times per year. We love it! Come on now people, the drive in is a family place, of course they play kids movies...But they do a good job for adults as well, Terminator and The Hangover come to mind... PS Make sure to buy a funnel cake, so good!!!

Name Becky's

We would love to get old classics like that, but it's not as simple as buying a DVD. In order to play one of these, we would need to find a copy on 35mm film, which are extremely hard to find. We have tried in the past, but we could never get a hold of an old vintage 35mm copy. We will keep trying and hopefully one day we can get our hands on something good.

Name Becky's

We do hope to have horror movies for Halloween this year, as long as the weather is still nice. We can't do the corn maze, however, because we simply don't have the corn. A corn maze takes months of planning and work - much of the planning needs to be done before the growing season. All of the planning, farming, and maintenance required to create a corn maze is very expensive. On top of this, the response simply hasn't been strong enough to merit the large investment that is required to do another corn maze.

Name Becky's

We have played some more adult-oriented films this year, like The Hangover, Star Trek, The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3, Drag Me To Hell, Terminator Salvation, Angels & Demons, I Love You, Man, Knowing, Taken, and Fast &amp; Furious. We try to get the movie that most people want to see, and if that movie isn't available, we try to get the next movie that people want to see. Sometimes it's a movie for adults and sometimes it's a movie for kids. Right now the movies are more for kids (which is typical for summer - after all, it is the summertime, and kids are off from school). Usually in August and September is when the more adult-oriented movies start coming out. We hope to get some action movies and some horror movies in the next month or so. By the end of the season, we hope to have shown a wide array of movies that pleased everyone.

Name Becky's

The business of selecting movies isn't as simple as it may seem. It all depends on films that are available, and it is even trickier when selecting a second feature. When we get second features, we need to deal with the film companies that provide them, and the second feature is usually included as a package with the first feature. We pay a large percentage of our ticket sales to the film companies, and if we were ever to get two new movies and show them together, we would be paying more than 100% of our ticket sales to the film companies. This is why we play a new movie with an older movie as the second feature. So, when we select a second feature, it is either a package from a film company, or we show a second feature that we can obtain at a low percentage (as in, a movie that we have played for a few weeks already). This year especially, the pickin's been slim as far as film availability (Remember the writer's strike a couple years ago - this is the result). We would love to be able to show a new movie every week, but we simply can't because it all depends on the contracts we can sign with film companies. There are some promising films coming out in the next month that we hope to get, and there are some other second-run films we haven't shown yet that we hope to show as second features. Please don't count us out yet. :)