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Name Jon
Favorite Movie friday the 13th
Location Allentown PA

YA this halloween when you show the horror movies, get the classics, like friday the 13th, NMOES, night of living dead, or how about the rocky horror picture show now any of those will be great, but make them classics and better than the ones you showed last year

Response from Becky's Drive-In:
Thursday July 30th, 2009

We would love to get old classics like that, but it's not as simple as buying a DVD. In order to play one of these, we would need to find a copy on 35mm film, which are extremely hard to find. We have tried in the past, but we could never get a hold of an old vintage 35mm copy. We will keep trying and hopefully one day we can get our hands on something good.

Name Dotty
Location Bangor PA

bring back your corn maze and hay ride and your haunted drive in in october it was the best

Response from Becky's Drive-In:
Thursday July 30th, 2009

We do hope to have horror movies for Halloween this year, as long as the weather is still nice. We can't do the corn maze, however, because we simply don't have the corn. A corn maze takes months of planning and work - much of the planning needs to be done before the growing season. All of the planning, farming, and maintenance required to create a corn maze is very expensive. On top of this, the response simply hasn't been strong enough to merit the large investment that is required to do another corn maze.

Name Dotty
Location Bangor PA

enough with star trek transformers harry potter x men we saw them and want to come back again but not to see something we already saw get new movies

Response from Becky's Drive-In:
Thursday July 30th, 2009

The business of selecting movies isn't as simple as it may seem. It all depends on films that are available, and it is even trickier when selecting a second feature. When we get second features, we need to deal with the film companies that provide them, and the second feature is usually included as a package with the first feature. We pay a large percentage of our ticket sales to the film companies, and if we were ever to get two new movies and show them together, we would be paying more than 100% of our ticket sales to the film companies. This is why we play a new movie with an older movie as the second feature. So, when we select a second feature, it is either a package from a film company, or we show a second feature that we can obtain at a low percentage (as in, a movie that we have played for a few weeks already). This year especially, the pickin's been slim as far as film availability (Remember the writer's strike a couple years ago - this is the result). We would love to be able to show a new movie every week, but we simply can't because it all depends on the contracts we can sign with film companies. There are some promising films coming out in the next month that we hope to get, and there are some other second-run films we haven't shown yet that we hope to show as second features. Please don't count us out yet. :)

Name Melissa Mee
Favorite Movie Rushmore
Location lawnguyland, ny

Ok Becky's...despite Half Blood Prince being a total nerd disappointment, I still had a great time this past friday. Still want to know who's programming the pre show music. It's like they playlist came right out of my brain. Love it, love it, love it. Oh Becky's Drive In you are my favorite way to spend date night w/ The Fella!

Name brownmamma3
Location Unites States

took the kids to see ice age on the 8th they loved it!

Location BARTO PA

Went to Becky's for the first time last Saturday during the rainstorm. Still had alot of fun and will be back tonight. The prices are so reasonable at there food stand and the food is very good i don't know why people would bring there own in. After all going to the consession stand is half the fun.

Name Bike Mike
Favorite Movie Star Wars
Location northeast NJ

I had a good time thursday night of July 9th, 2009. Was watching Transformers. Came with my sister, her boyfriend and two kids. This was my second time coming to Becky's Drive In. Hard for me to come. Because I do not drive. I got the blue and clear Becky's mug and now I got the colorful mug. It is really cool to come to Becky's Drive In. Better then being at the indoor theatres. Really !!!Yes . . . they have them high tech sound systems. But they do not have what Becky's has. If Becky's was not far. I come every weekend. HAPPY SUMMER TO ALL !!! Bike Mike is always on the air !!!

Name Joanna
Location Reading (Exeter), PA

First time for my 9 and 2 year old at the drive-in, what a great time we had, brought back alot of great memories and the 4th was perfect, the moon above the screen and the fireworks made it a perfect combination...thank you!!

Name Kristi
Favorite Movie Transformers
Location Easton, PA

Came to see Transformers & Star Trek and had so much fun. Just the enviroment itself is great. I remember coming here when I was a kid .. Most places closed down over the years, I'm so glad Beckys is still open, its just a great affordable way to have fun with your family. And the funnell cake is the best.. We will be back up next week to see Transformers (again) and The Hangover !!

Name Keith

I agree, it is time to get some different movies. I saw Star Trek there a month ago. No Public Enemies? You guys are still way better than the "junk" that other drive-in plays!!

Name Jon
Favorite Movie friday the 13th

Please get rid of night at the museum and star trek already, i want to come to Beckys for the third time this season but its the same movies every week

Name Richard
Favorite Movie harry potter movies
Location washington nj

i can't wait till summer so i can go to beckys. its the best....

Name Mike
Favorite Movie too many to list
Location Bethlehem,PA

I visit becky's as often as i can, my sons and I really have a great time at the movie's and Becky's drive in is the way to go. Keep it going so my kids can take there kids there.

Name Mike
Favorite Movie Grind
Location Trenton NJ

Me and my family go every summer to becky's and we always come back happy that that we went. It's a family summer tradition. My freinds freom school sometimes come too.

Name michelle
Favorite Movie cool runnings
Location shoemakersville PA

i went to drive ins with my parents when i was younger,i thought alomst all off them closed,i just found out about Becky's and it was really nice i plan on comming again. could you please make the bathrooms bigger,i am in a wheelchair and it is really hard to get around in your bathroom .

Name Juan Najera
Location Fleetwood, PA

I was excited when I found out there were still Drive Ins open. I have gone numerous times to Beckys and it brings back great memories of growing up and my dad taking us. Its great because now I get to enjoy and share those moments with my own son and nephews. So I have to drive about an hour to get there, but trust me, I would not trade the experience of being there for anything.

Name Karla Campos Lopez
Location Temple, PA

I love Becky's! Did I mention I LOVE BECKY'S? We saw Land of the Lost and Terminator and the kids loved every minute. The best part is that I can bring my 7 month old without having to worry about him crying and disturbing other movie goers and eat funnel cake gallore at the same time : )

Name Diane
Location Nazareth, PA

You owe it to yourself to experience the magic of Becky's. You can't beat the atmosphere, plus one of the few places where you get your money's worth. PUTS ALL OTHER MOVIE THEATER VENUES TO SHAME! Just saw Land of the Lost and Star Trek this Saturday. Plan on returning again (and again) over the next few time, with family from out of state who have never had the opportunity to experience the drive-in venue and all it has to offer. Keep up the good work!

Name Amanda
Location Bath, PA

It was INCREDIBLE to see both screens packed to the max last night! I hope the crowds continue to roll in so that Becky's stays open for decades to come! I was glad to see the lines to the concession stand and funnel cake trailer so long, too, even if it meant waiting in that line. Hooray for people supporting the drive-in instead of bringing their own food and snacks! We had seen Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian a few weeks ago in the rain, but returned last night with the kids. I've got to admit that your double features get me to watch some movies I wouldn't ordinarily put on my viewing list. I saw both X-men Origins: Wolverine and Star Trek because, "Well, we're here anyway. Might as well." and enjoyed them both! My sister has already made a "date" with us to be there on July 17th for Harry Potter. Can't wait! Keep up the great work!

Name Marisa
Favorite Movie Fried Green Tomatoes
Location Yonkers, NY

I've been coming to Becky's since I was kid- some of my favorite childhood memories are from Becky's! I grew up nearby, but even now that I've moved to NY I will still drive back to see a movie under the stars. Love the well-loved, family-run feeling of this place! Keep up the great work!