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Name Jolene and Willie
Location Allentown PA

We love coming to Becky's we have been coming there for many years and love the additional screen with even more options of great new movies and the price is great cheaper than regular movies and we can see 2 movies instead of just 1 this is the only place we go to see movies.

Name Renee'
Favorite Movie Transformers
Location Levittown,PA

I would like to say we love this place and to us it is worth the drive even now with the gas prices. Nothing is like watching the movies on the big screen under the stars. We would rather come to Becky's

Name Kadie
Favorite Movie any thing with a mystery
Location walnutport

i love beckys drive in it is the best we go there all the time and we love it!!! :)

Name Tara Negron
Favorite Movie almost any adam sandler
Location Bethlehem, PA

We love Becky's we started coming in 2001 we always bring our firends when they come this way to visit. I feel so lucky to have such a cool place to go every summer. My children are always happy when they know we are coming. Here's to another great summer!!!!

Name Brandy
Location Bath, PA

My family is very excited for the summer movie season. We visit your theatre at least once a month if not more often through the summer, we won't even go to the regular movie theatre while you are still open. Love the second screen. I have been visiting becky's since i was a little girl and love that i can now share the experiance with my kids. Hopefully, you will still be around so they can share the experiance with their children.

Name Kathy Meehan
Location Rockaway, NJ

I so enjoy taking the drive to share a night under the stars with my daughter, in our convertable, watching a romantic comedy or so many of the wonderful movies you show. We have been patrons for 3 yrs now and average 10 times a season. I love the wonderful people who run this most rewarding drive in and snack favorite is the funnel cake of course. Thank you for giving my daughter and I such treasured memories and times. Kathy

Name Shane and Lisa
Favorite Movie Full Metal Jacket(Me) The Shining(Wife)
Location Green Lane

We love Screen One, it is HUGE!!! Our best memory is watching Jurasic Park in the front row on our lawn chairs. We thought those dinosaurs were going to jump off the screen, felt like we were IN the movie. Screen One's size made the dinosaurs seem like they were scale!!! Your theater is a great value to us and we will continue to patronize it. Thanks for all of your hard work over the years.

Name John
Location Bethlehem,PA

Can't wait until you open back up! We loved you in the past and can't wait until we come again!

Name Todd, Kayley and baby Jackson
Favorite Movie Shawshank Redemption, Cuckoo's Nest

Can't wait for opening weekend! We've been patrons of Becky's since we moved to the Lehigh Valley 5 years ago. Now we have a 4 month old baby and can't wait for a night out to the movies. We plan on spending many nights at Becky's this summer!

Name Rachael
Favorite Movie I wouldnt know where to begin..
Location WindGap

When are you guys opening back up?! Its getting warmer out! lol You guys are amazing, cant wait to come.. like old times.

Name Dave and Cheryl
Favorite Movie Halloween and Hairspray
Location Phillipsburg,n.j.

We just started coming to Becky's in 2007! Loved it. We can't wait until you reopen in 2008!

Name Harry
Favorite Movie A Clockwork Orange
Location Wind Gap

First, sorry for the loss of your mom. The new stand will be a lasting tribute to her creativity and service. I'm anxiously awaiting the announcement of the opening night, as are family and friends. Hope 2008 is the best Drive In season ever!

Name Leslie A. Ballantine
Favorite Movie can't name just one :)
Location Phillipsburg NJ

I just wanted to let you know that I can't wait for the 2008 season to start!! I LOVE BECKY'S!!! :)

Name Jeanne
Location Hatfield

My 7 year old son is watching Beethoven 2 right now and there was just a drive in movie scene. He asked what it was and if drive in movies are for real. I told him they were and that I would try to find him one and will bring him. I found your website and can't wait to take my family in a few weeks when it is warmer and you are open Can't wait!

Name The Brangiel Family
Favorite Movie Liar Liar
Location Broomall, PA

When my friend called and said that her family was going to the drive-in I was shocked. I remember screaming into the phone "THERE'S STILL A DRIVE IN AROUND HERE!!" ... when I came home and told my husband he had the same reaction!! Now, "around here" turned out to be an hour and a half away but it's sooo worth it. Our son is turning 1 next month and it was so hard to find a babysitter so we could get out together. Then all night we were on the edge of our seats waiting for a phone call telling us to come home. Becky's is the PERFECT solution!! Our son is is with us and is usually sleeping by the second movie giving us some alone time. We started coming very close to the end of the season in 07 but I am really looking forward to coming much, much more in 08!! We're starting our own family traditions and we're making Becky's a part of them!!

Name Dan Herzog
Favorite Movie Happy Gilmore

To all of the Beck family . I am so sorry to here about your mother . Growing up in Lehigh Township , Becky's has been part of everyones life and your family has been like a family to everyone. My best to Cindy , Mary , Darrel and Dennis and may God bless and keep you , you and your mother are in all our prayers at Faith Lutheran Church Whitehall.

Name Denise Robinson
Favorite Movie Lost Boys
Location East Stroudsburg

I am so sorry for your loss. You are all in my prayers. I lost my mom 20 years ago and while it still hurts, it does get easier. God bless you.

Name Ruth E Schaefer
Favorite Movie evan almighty
Location whitehouse station, nj

Sorry to hear about your mom. I still have my parent and cherish the time i have with them. she sounded like a wonderful person and mom. My prayers are with you. Ruth

Name Harry
Favorite Movie A Clockwork Orange
Location Wind Gap

Thanks for another season of family fun and entertainment at Becky's. Too bad you didn't stay open til Halloween weekend for some classic horror flicks. Seconding someone else's request, it would be cool if you featured some drive in classics, even on one weekday during the summer. With adequate promotion on the website, it would probably be well attended. God bless to all the hard working staff, enjoy the winter, and hope to see you next year. Can't wait for the 2008 opening weekend.

Name john
Favorite Movie full metal jacket
Location easton

I love this place, you guys are great.