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Name Chris & Amanda
Favorite Movie Boogie Nights
Location Hanover Township, PA

It was our first time there the other day to see Halloween and we loved it. Don't know of any drive ins back in New Jermany where we used to live. Loved it

Name Jeffrey A, kale
Favorite Movie hard to say
Location allentown pa


Name Cas and Jack
Location Penn Forest Twsp PA

Been going to Becky's since I was in my early 20s. You've changed as we have --- Thanks for the great shows and entertainment!

Name pleased to meet you
Favorite Movie hedwig and the angry inch
Location stroudsburg

seeing as the drive-in is an old time tradition, why not show some classics? must all of the movies at becky's be current blockbusters? who wouldn't love to go to the drive-in to see "the shining" or other great films from the past?

Name Jill
Location Collingdale, PA

After having received emails from your website for over a year I finally got the opportunity to visit Becky's on this past Wednesday. My sister and I drove an hour and a half to get there. The ride was worth it! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the movies. We watched RUSH HOUR 3 and BOURNE SUPREMACY (which was awesome, non stop action). We definitely plan on coming back before the season ends with some other friends and family members. I even picked up my souvenir mug. I hope that you might consider getting an inexpensive magnet as a souvenir (I collect them). Thanks so much for keeping this wonderful tradition going. See you again real soon.

Name judi
Location mount olive,nj

hi!i was interested in bringing my daughter a some of her friends to becky's but this weeks movies are just not good... we were hoping for the Simpsons movie and maybe some other good movies. also you are only playing rated R movies this week. i dont know how this movie theater works.

Name Sue
Location Moore Twp, PA

How about some more G-rated movies. We love the drive-in, but my kids are way too young for anything past G and PG... Loved Cars last wear, waiting desparately for Ratatouille!! Thanks.

Name John Smith
Favorite Movie Jewelry
Location USA

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Name Tom Carter
Location Bethlehem

My favorite summer hang-out! But please bring back The Simpsons movie for one last run! Its perfect for the big outdoor screen and it wasn't showing for nearly long enough! I'll hold out hope...

Name Michael & Eileen
Location Palmer Twp, PA

Hello!! Thank you so much for keeping this wonderful tradition alive. We found out about Becky's and thought we would give it a try and much to our amazement it was better than the "old" days. We were from NJ and it has been over 32 years since we visited a drive-in and we are very happy to have found Becky's. We plan to bring our adult children & grandchildren with us the next time and have a tailgate party. Thanks again!!

Name James Cox
Favorite Movie Braveheart
Location Bethlehem Pa.

At last, an old fashioned drive in theatre that you can take the whole family to and have a great time. I am new to the Lehigh Valley and first visited Becky's about 6 weeks ago. We have been back once since then and plan on coming tonight. Thank you for keeping this cultural tradition alive here in Pennsylvania.

Name Shane Prutzman
Favorite Movie Star Wars (A New Hope)
Location Fleetwood, PA

We came to the drive in for the first time on Saturday night for "The Simpsons Movie" and just had a great time. The wheather was great, we sat outside in front of the car and it was just a great time. I really respect you for keeping something like that going for young people (and adults) to enjoy. Too many drive-ins are gone, so to visit one that is taken care of and enjoyed by so many people was really great- Thanks!

Name John and Pam Jago
Favorite Movie Grease and Shrek
Location Nazareth

Becky's is a place were we, as adults, can relax and enjoy a movie while the kids think its the coolest place. It's a tradition for our family and I hope my generations to come enjoy it as well. MOVIES RULE!!!!!

Name Kelly Y
Favorite Movie Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Location Lehighton, PA

Well I have only been to your drive in twice. But both times were definatly a good time for the family! Thanks for keeping the drive in going for so long and the prices so affordable. Its nice to actually be able to afford to take my family of 5 to the movies!

Name kimberly Stem Mike Buczek
Favorite Movie too many to list
Location wilson boro (Easton) pa.

thanks for hangin in there and keeping the past alive, still all these years and theres nothing like a night at the drive in. My fiancee and I try to get there at least once a month with the kids. And Now tonight, we introduce the drive in to the newest addition in our lives, Michael Lewis, as of july 14th. Hope the weathers cooperative. see you tonight!

Name Lisa Counterman
Favorite Movie Harry Potter series
Location Stroudsburg, PA

My husband and I have been married for almost twenty years and had never gone to a dirive-in together. We went as children with our parents. Last week, I not only went with my husband, but, we took three of our four boys. They really enjoyed it. Thngs have changed since we were kids. It amazes us that we can watch the movie and listen to it on our car stereo. I am grateful that Becky's Drive-In is still around to share with generations to come. Thanks for a good time. SEE YOU AT THE MOVIES. (DRIVE IN)

Name jacqueline scherer
Favorite Movie Harry Potter
Location Berlinsville

I just love the drive-ins I been going since I was a kids and now I take all my grandkids, they love the outdoors like me. It just is so much nicer at the drive-ins for family's to get together , but the food is much better now then back then, i remember some of those prepackage foods, not really tastee but the movies and popcorn are always great thanks

Name Steve
Favorite Movie any Star wars
Location Phillipsburg,NJ

We've been coming to Becky's for the paast 3 years. My kids love it!! We'll be coming this weekend as long as Harry Potter is still there. Hopefully, you'll put Transformers with it. That would make a double feature my two boys would flip for. Becky's is the best around. Thanks for runnning such a great drive-in!!

Name Ron
Favorite Movie Too many to mention
Location Barto

We love going to Becky's and had our first chance of the season to go last night to see Harry Potter and 1408 (both good movies). As always the experience was terrific except for the fact that there was a group of pre to early teenagers sitting on the grassy area in front of the first row of screen 1 during 1408 who were way too loud, and even after numerous attempts from patrons in the front row to get them to quiet down, they were a distraction throughout the whole second movie. They even as a group ran to the playground area and then into the screen 2 crowd and then came back to screen 1. Now I'm not sure how none of the security saw this since they also had glow sticks which I don't think should be allowed. We even got up and went and complained to someone twice to no avail. But my real question is where were the parents during alll this? Not one of these kids were old enough to drive so they had to be there with parents. Parents please use your heads and keep better track of your kids during the showing of the movies. For many of us it's rare that we get to go out like this and to have it ruined by unruly kids isn't fair.

Name Al the Pal
Location Philadelphia

I have been coming to the drive in for the last 4 years and I can tell you there is no better way to see a movie. It is the most enjoyable movie experience that one can partake in and it cost less to see two movies then to see one in regular theaters. Unfortunately I've moved to Philadelphia and my attendance at Becky's has been reduced but I still make sure to get back whenever I can to see some movies and hang out with some old friends.