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Name jacqueline scherer
Favorite Movie Harry Potter
Location Berlinsville

I just love the drive-ins I been going since I was a kids and now I take all my grandkids, they love the outdoors like me. It just is so much nicer at the drive-ins for family's to get together , but the food is much better now then back then, i remember some of those prepackage foods, not really tastee but the movies and popcorn are always great thanks

Name Steve
Favorite Movie any Star wars
Location Phillipsburg,NJ

We've been coming to Becky's for the paast 3 years. My kids love it!! We'll be coming this weekend as long as Harry Potter is still there. Hopefully, you'll put Transformers with it. That would make a double feature my two boys would flip for. Becky's is the best around. Thanks for runnning such a great drive-in!!

Name Ron
Favorite Movie Too many to mention
Location Barto

We love going to Becky's and had our first chance of the season to go last night to see Harry Potter and 1408 (both good movies). As always the experience was terrific except for the fact that there was a group of pre to early teenagers sitting on the grassy area in front of the first row of screen 1 during 1408 who were way too loud, and even after numerous attempts from patrons in the front row to get them to quiet down, they were a distraction throughout the whole second movie. They even as a group ran to the playground area and then into the screen 2 crowd and then came back to screen 1. Now I'm not sure how none of the security saw this since they also had glow sticks which I don't think should be allowed. We even got up and went and complained to someone twice to no avail. But my real question is where were the parents during alll this? Not one of these kids were old enough to drive so they had to be there with parents. Parents please use your heads and keep better track of your kids during the showing of the movies. For many of us it's rare that we get to go out like this and to have it ruined by unruly kids isn't fair.

Name Al the Pal
Location Philadelphia

I have been coming to the drive in for the last 4 years and I can tell you there is no better way to see a movie. It is the most enjoyable movie experience that one can partake in and it cost less to see two movies then to see one in regular theaters. Unfortunately I've moved to Philadelphia and my attendance at Becky's has been reduced but I still make sure to get back whenever I can to see some movies and hang out with some old friends.

Name T. Mitchell
Favorite Movie Harry Potter Series
Location Virginia

Hello Becky's Drive in! I grew up in Bethlehem and have many memories of going to the drive-ins in Bethlehem and Easton. I will be visiting the Lehigh the weekend of July 20th and will be going to the drive-in with my family. I will be bringing two drive in first timers with me! (Can you believe these adults have never been to a drive-in?!?) See you soon! ~Hoping for no rain and to see Harry Potter, in Virginia

Name taylor family
Location monroe ct

we have been to beckys every aug for the last 3 yrs our familys have had a unbeliveable time everytime we can not wait to go in aug. this year see you soon.

Name Diane L
Location Royersford, PA

Had such an AWESOME time on July 3rd! We are so glad our friend makes her family go to Becky's each year for her birthday! It was a bit cold for our first visit so we could only stay for 1st movie but was very impressed during that time. Very clean and worth our hour drive! Becky's is completely open to "tali-gating" family-style which helps big families to save money! We have a group who is "in" on our next trip from us talking....hurry up and change movies so we can come back up!

Name Dottie Naylor
Favorite Movie Braveheart
Location Aquashicola

I just want to thank Becky's Drive In for existing. I've just moved into the area from Philly and I had the greatest experience last week of taking my two teenaged grandchildren to their FIRST drive in movie. You can tell them all about things that you grew up with but nothing beats actually being able to just let them experience it for themselves! Way to go! And all your services were top shelf too! Thank you, Dottie Naylor, Dog's Little Acre

Name Tiesha Mitchell
Location Allentown, PA

I would like to respond to "Stacey Schmdit" about here comment. It is unfortunate that you will not return. If you would have called before hand to see what was playing then you could have made arrangements to see only the second movie. I think Becky's Drive in is a fantastic place and growing up in Brooklyn, NY, I am very happy that I have had to opportunity to attend a drive in movie. I would like you to reconsider going some place else because of one bad experience that is basically your own fault. Planning is everything and if you had planned before going to the drive in, you would have known what was playing and could have waited for another day or a later showing. Keep up the good work Becky! Thanks


Our family found out about Becky's last year and had a wonderful time there. We are trying to organize another night out to Becky's in the near future. Shankweller's is closer for us but Becky's is better.

Name STacey Schmdit
Location gilbert

I heard about Becky's and thought it would be a fun night out with the kids. The first showing was Transformers rate for VIOLENENCE and SEXUAL humor. The second movie, which we wanted to see, was Evan Almighty at 11:55. Hardly an appropriate hour for an 11, 8, and 5 year old to be up. Common sense would say to have the more graphic movie at the later hour for the more mature audience. I guess we'll have to go elsewhere for more family friendly entertainment - I'm very disappointed.

Name Naj & Omar
Favorite Movie Driving Miss Daisy
Location Easton PA

Our first visit to the drive-in we saw Shrek 3 and Rise of the Silver Surfer, what a wonderful outing. This brought back many pleasant childhood memories. I can't wait until my family comes to visit so they can share in this experience. The surroundings are clean and inviting, and the people were so friendly. We will definitely be back.

Favorite Movie FIELD OF DREAMS, just to mention one
Location Blandon, PA

I will be attending your Drive In this coming weekend. Last year was the first time. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR DRIVE IN. My boyfriend and I saw CARS and PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN - 2, I couldn't of enjoyed it more. Your Drive In took me back to my childhood (which was fantastic), and who doesn't like being a KiD AGAIN! I read your History and I admire you committment. Please don't ever CLOSE!! Thank you so much for a chance to repeatedly be a KID AGAIN.....!

Name Brandy Keretz-Wertman
Favorite Movie Too many to list
Location Bath, PA

I love your drive in. What other place can you take a whole family out for a night and not totally break the bank. My husband and I took my three children out to the movies, we were going to come to beck's but we had already seen the second movie so we decided to go to the inside movies cost me almost $80 between us getting in and buying popcorn. Last week we came to see Surf's up and Evan Almighty and it was half that and no I didn't bring my own popcorn we bought it! My husband and I decided for the rest of the summer weather we saw the one of the two movies or not we are taking the kids to beck's!!!!!!!!

Name bob
Favorite Movie All the Halloween movies
Location NJ

Your Drive-In is the best in the world! please don't ever close! It beats all these stupid Regal Theaters hands down! God Bless You All and many more years of success as you are the best in the business! No one even compares to you!

Name Tony & Michele
Location Nazareth PA

We had a great time Sat night 6/23. Screen 2. It got cold out . The security guy was nice. Coming back this weekend.

Name Tess
Favorite Movie too many to say

I saw an add in the paper about Becky's and checked out the website, now I can't wait to go with my family! Something that has been around so long and still brings in crowds really must mean its fun for the whole family!

Name Lindsay
Favorite Movie Too many to name
Location Waimanalo, HI

I lived in PA up until about a year ago, and I really miss going to the drive in every weekend in the summer!! I'll be out that way this summer to visit family and I definitely will be spending at least one evening at Becky's....You guys are the best!!

Name Dillon
Favorite Movie so far, Spider-Man 3
Location Nazareth,PA

I look forward to going to Becky's every Summer. I go with my friends and we always have a great time. I'm going Tuesday to see FF2. P.S. the Pizza does taste good.

Name Andrel
Favorite Movie All
Location Allentown

LOVE THE DRIVE IN. It is the best since sliced bread. Please, never shut down. I will always go to Beckys!!!!