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Name Juan
Location Philadelphia, Pa

Its the best thing in the summer, I dont even go to the movies anymore, I only go to Beckys. Its worth the trip.

Name Ursula
Location Nesquehoning, PA

Thank you for making our "Friday Nite" a perfect evening. We were at the drive-in this past friday nite - weather was great - the film was funny as all hec - and we even got to bring our dog "Jack" he was a good boy and didn't bark at anyone. Thanks for the Treat at the booth for him - he enjoyed it ! You have a great place - we will be back again !

Name Amey Hoagland
Favorite Movie Natural Born Killers

I love going to Becky's! Have been for a very long time as well... I can't think of "ONE" bad experience I or my freinds and children(now) have ever had. And I've been going there since I was 15 yrs. old!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! And the HAUNTED DRIVE-INNS used to be GREAT! PLEASE think about doing it again! You could have a DUSK TILL DAWN HAUNTED DRIVE-INN with "all kinds of scarey movies" with people in costumes scaring everybody outta their wits! Like the ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW thing.... just an idea!

Name Sue & Tim
Location Hopatcong,NJ

Like a lot of people, the summer just pasted us by. We have a 1969 camaro and we hardly got out at all this summer. Took a cruise to your dusk to Dawn marathon and THANK YOU- Thank-you. It was a perfect night. I was surprised at the rude people who couldn't use the nice trash bags you give out and felt the need to make a mess. See you soon.

Name Samantha
Favorite Movie Batman Begins

About a month or so ago was the first time I was ever at Becky's. i was soooooooo impressed. The prices were great and so were the movies. I'm definitly going to be going back again soon!

Name Keith

The Dusk till Dawn marathon was a blast. I hope you continue it for many years to come. I was happy to see you were donating a potion of the ticket price to the hurrican relief fund. I hope you put on a Halloween drive in. That would be really cool to see scary movies around Halloween at the drive-ins. Keep up the good work.

Name Dave & Jessica
Favorite Movie Too many to list
Location Basking Ridge, NJ

Just wanted to note that we had thegreatest time at the 'Dusk Till Dawn' show this weekend! The movies were great, the weather even better & the bathrooms were surprisingly clean the entire time. The hour plus drive was very worth it - to watch a horror movie at 4:00 in the morning(the final movie started around 4) was so great! Thanks so much and PLEASE keep up the wonderful work! Dave & Jessica

Name Dotty
Favorite Movie War of the Worlds

I would like to see more specials like to pay by the car load and I would also like to see a corn maze again and the haunted drive in movies I was the best

Name Dixie
Favorite Movie The Skeleton Key
Location Bangor

Hoping to see Becky's having a Halloween Drive in this year with corn maze and haunted drive in They were the days I had just discovered you and you stopped what happened would love to see it again

Name Michele Fucci
Favorite Movie I have too many
Location PA

I love your place it is always kept so neat and clean. I always have an enjoyable time everytime I visit. I am so glad you are still around.

Name Todd
Location Pottstown, Pa

I brought my wife for her first drive-in movie Friday night and we both loved it. Nice people, great prices, clean bathrooms and FUNNEL CAKES! What more could a person ask for?! We will be back. Thanks for a great experience!

Name RE: Angry parent

For angry parents that do not understand the movie rating system, you should visit this site for help on what to allow your kids to see. You will notice that Dukes of Hazzard is rated PG-13, you should read what that means. If Becky's only played G movies for your "FAMILY" they would not be able to remain in business, thanks to Hollywood and demand. I believe Becky's does a great job of getting new releases. Don't blame Becky's for what sells and your ignorance on the movie rating system.

Name Brian Mohan
Favorite Movie Citizen Kane, Airplane

What is the possiblity of having a overnight showing of classic drive in moives? Some Roger Corman stuff, or maybe even Plan Nine from Outer Space? These movies were originally made for the B moive market, like the drive in. Holloween weekend maybe? Just a thought.........

Name Ed
Favorite Movie Stripes/Animal House
Location Norristown, PA

Thanks for being there, even tho it's a long drive, we plan to keep coming back! We had a great time and only wish that the season was longer!!!

Name Dianne
Favorite Movie High Fidelity
Location Quakertown, PA

Your drive in was the first one I've ever been to and I continue to keep going as often as I can! You keep a great atmosphere and show a great variety of movies. We love you guys!

Name maryellen tharp
Favorite Movie garfield
Location south river

I think your drive-in is the best one i ever been to Ijust love your drive in you have good food an every thing

Name Sarah
Favorite Movie Sixteen Candles
Location Easton

I don't find it very appropriate to advertise on this website in the guest book - is there any way the cellulite ad can be removed?

Name Christy

To all those angry parents out there: Everyone needs to realize that others besides children enjoy going to the drive-in. It is not just an enjoyable activity for young children. Young adults especially enjoy this type of activity and tend to have a much different choice when it comes to viewing movies. Beckys should take into consideration the older individuals as well as the young groups who enjoy having a great place to go on the weekends!!! Especially now that they have two screens - they should be a liberty to show movies on one of the screens that are geared toward the older groups (instead of constantly playing PG-13/PG movies). Calm down - you don't like what's showing - don't go - there are more interested parties than just those who can only go to PG-13 films! What about EVERYONE ELSE!!!!!!!!

Name Princess
Favorite Movie Miracle
Location Philly

To Angry PArents- PLease do yourselves and your kids a favor and just stay home the week the Dukes are playing. Although I agree that many outfits in the stores aimed at younger kids are way to revealing, it doesn't mean that my kids need to wear them. I watched DOH growing up and I even had a Daisy Duke Jeep that I used with my barbies. This did not make me want to dress like a tramp. That is because my parents taught me that what is on tv is (I know this may shock you) NOT REAL! It is tv, entertainment and not to be copied at home. If you are teaching your kids what morals and standards you value, they more than likely won't be influenced by the clothing in a movie. They may ask about it, in which case you could have a nice discussion about how nice young ladies dress versus how someone who doesn't respect themselves would dress ( and that doesn't mean that Jessica Simpson doesn't respect herself- she dressed that way as part of her character for the movie!). The problem today is that parents do not want to parent their offspring- they instead want to limit the rights of everyone else so that they can shirk off their parental responsibilites of knowing what their kids are watching, playing, and listening to and making sure that those things are in agreeance with the values and morals of their family. I plan to go see the movie at the DI and am most likely taking along my friend's 10 year old daughter. Because she has been taught right from wrong, she will probably laught at the clothes Daisy wears and call her a hoochie mama or some other term that her and her friends would use for someone who dresses skimpily.