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Name Janice
Favorite Movie too many
Location Hamburg, PA

This is for the angry parents. I have 2 children too. My children are older, in their teens. I drive almost an hour to get to Becky's. I check the website to see what movies are playing. You do not have to go to the drive-ins once a week if the movies are not appropriate for your kids. There were several times last year I wanted to go, and this year as well, but one of the movies was based towards kids, not something my teens would be interested in. Guess what? We didn't go then. The drive-ins are like anything else, they try to cater to everybody, but everybody can not be happy with what is there all the time. Why should my kids not get to go to the drive-ins to see movies they want because you don't think it is right for your kids? And as far as the clothes in the movie, have you kids ever been to a beach? She has more clothes on in the movie than most people wear on the beach or at pools. And to the owners of Becky's, I think you are all doing a great job. I love it when we do get to come up there. Keep upi the wonderful job. We will definitely keep coming back.

Name chrissy
Favorite Movie many!!!!!!!! but THE Notebook WAS AWESOMN
Location whitehall

I used to go to Becky's years ago when you had to put the speaker in the car. I decided to take my family last night to see Charlie and the Chocolate factory. My husband had not been to a drive inn since he was little. We packed up chairs and blankets and a cooler filled with hoagies and soda and snacks. My kids were so excited. There was a long line and about 5 cars before us was when I saw the man waving people to keep going that they were filled. I was so sad for my children. The guy waving the cars was so visibly upset for those of us he had to turn away. He kept apologizing as we drove away. based on the pics on your site I think the guy was Dennis Beck. How could I be mad? It was my fault for not going early! I apologized profusely to my babies and they were so good about it telling me it was not my fault and it was ok. Well, the stuff is still packed and we are ready to go!!! We will be there tonight 4 sure. EARLY! look for a silver durango Becky's cause here we come! You guys must do a great job to fill up like that. and to that guy who had to turn us away- your sincerity is bringing us back. It was almost like your drive-inn family was just as important as your immediate family. God Bless! The Gilbert family

Name Steve Nikazy
Location Philadelphia

We made the 75 mile drive from Center City Philadelphia to Becky's last night as part of a Corvette caravan and had the BEST time. You're doing a great job of maintaining an American entertainment tradition. We came away with souvenir T-shirts and a yearning for more Becky's chili dogs. Good show and kudos for a cool website! Steve & Sherri Nikazy

Name Gina
Location Allentown

Angry Parents - Why would you bring your child to see a movie that is based on a sitcom that has a half dressed woman in it? Most parents don't have issue with this based on what it is - but if you do - you have liberty to stay at home. I am all for "family oriented" but when your family values step over the normal accepted practice - you need to look at your choices not those of others. Thanks - thats all.

Name Nancy
Favorite Movie any at Becky's
Location Breinigsville, PA

I love the Drive-In experience so much! We come every year and try to see as many movies as we can before the season is over. Becky's is great because they play a wide range of movies that both adults and children can enjoy. I think it is better than just playing children's movies all the time. I also enjoy how Becky's has an end of season movie marathan and sometimes a scary movie treat in October. I didn't get to go last year because it was only one weekend and I was out of town. I look forward to going this year. Everything about the drive-in experience is so much fun. I hope Becky's doesn't close like so many others have. There are only a few drive-in's left and I would hate to be the last generation to experience them. See you soon at Becky's!!

Name Amanda

Just to let the person know who selestcs the music, you did a great job! A nice selection and a great varety. [good bands] Also, a great experience at the movies, as always.

Name Reply to Angry Parents/Kudos to Becky's
Location Cherryville, PA

There is a reason that Becky's lists the rating of the features showing on their website and sign out front... so that people are aware of the content they are about to view. Becky's also - from a business perspective - needs to appeal to a broad range audience. They are not responsible for the content and quality of films released by studios for viewing at any given time. On another note, Duke's of Hazard is clearly full of inuendo and risque dress. If you've ever seen the previews or the old show you should've expected the antics and dress of Daisy Duke. I've lived by Becky's all 23 years of my life and have been there more times than I can count. I may not always like the movie I see but I love the experience each and every time. You guys do a great job. Thank you for providing the service you do. I can't wait to bring my kids there someday.

Name jojo
Favorite Movie Too numerous to mention
Location Hamburg, PA

After seeing the write up in the recent PA Pursuits magazine about drive-in theaters, and seeing that we had not only one, but two in my area, I was finally able to get to Becky's on Friday, 7/15/05, for my son's 15th birthday. He hadnt been to a drive in since the Flintstone's movie came out...(about 12 years ago?) We picked Becky's over the closer drive-in because Becky's was cheaper, had two screens, and despite being less expensive, Becky's showed double features! What a deal...two first run movies for only $6.00 per person. Anyway, my son, my oldest son, his wife, their 4 year old daughter and myself came up to Becky's to see 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' and 'War of the Worlds'. We all had a great time. My 15 year old had his portrait drawn for two different pictures, one for me and one for his girlfriend. My granddaughter also sat for her portrait. The only complaint I had was that the snack bar wasnt bigger, to handle the immense demand. Since I am handicapped, I couldnt stand in that long line, so I had to send my sons. We were also able to take home two of those great refillable soda cups with the 'Becky's' logo for souvenirs. All in all, it was a great experience; one we all hope to relive soon. Thank you Becky's, for keeping the drive-in tradition alive!

Name dear angry parents

so you are saying that if someone dresses trashy that they are a bad person. don't judge a book by its cover. and remember what you might think is trashy might not be for someone else. if you don't think the movie is a family movie then don't take your children to see it. as someone else said it's only a movie. your children just as much skin going to the mall.

Name dear angry parents

so you are saying that if someone dresses trashy that they are a bad person. don't judge a book by its cover. and remember what you might think is trashy might not be for someone else. if you don't think the movie is a family movie then don't take your children to see it. as someone else said it's only a movie. your children see just as much skin going to the mall.

Name Mary Jones
Location USA

Great site. I will bookmark for my sons to view as well

Name angry parents

Well..we think that in todays society, people are too concerned about how people look instead of who they are on the inside. Does anyone else agree with us on dressing too trashy?

Name angry parents

My opinion is...I really dont think that the movie, Dukes of Hazzard is an appropriate movie to show at the drive in. My husband and I bing our chldren to Becky's once a week.....and the way Jessica Simpson dresses is very innapropriate. I would never let my daughter wear thr things that she wears. The Drive INN is supposed to be family oriented....and thats just my 2 cents.

Name dear angry parents

if you instill good values to your children (and i'm not saying the you don't) you shouldn't have to worry about want jessica simpson is wearing in the movie.

Name Joel
Location effort PA

i think that the drive in is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! me and my friends plan on going back any time we want to see a movie... and for the lady who complained about jessica simpsons clothing in dukes of hazard..... its just a movie..

Name barbara daddesa

i would love to come to the theater. its been a long time since my husband and i went to a DRIVE IN how do i know what is playing ?

Name The Moran's
Favorite Movie Any at Becky's
Location Mt. Bethel

Thanks for all you do!!!!

Name Linda Hagan
Location Easton Pa

Lived in Easton all my life. Made my first trip to Becky's a couple weeks ago with my son's first ever drive-in experiance. We will be coming back! Thank you!

Name Jo Vishio
Favorite Movie JAWS
Location Pottstown, PA

Hi! I have been looking at your website for about 2 years now hoping to make it to see a movie. Well, I finally did! I took my daughter and mom. We had fun and will be back again soon. It was nice to tell my daughter stories of when I was young and went to the drive in with my family. Thank you. Jo

Name DJ
Favorite Movie The Butterfly Effect
Location Hellertown

It's great to come to a drive in again! I love the atmosphere and the atitude at Becky's! Went to see Batman Begins and The Longest Yard. The IMAX screening of Batman Begins was amazing! I still can't get over the clarity of the FM Radio compared to the old speakers! Prices are cheaper than the regular multiplexes (for both admission and concessions) and you get to see two movies, in the comfort of your own car...with freedoms you don't have at any multiplex! Keep up the great work Becky's! I'll definetly come again!