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Name David
Location Allentown Area

I can't wait for this weekend invited plenty people! SHould be fun and neevr knew I would even like drive ins this much! But hey guess I do! See you all there!

Name horses

Your site is very useful!

Name John Boyes
Favorite Movie Strangeland
Location Gilbertsville, PA

Everyone makes a great point, I do miss your food and late night movies. I can't wait for the opening, you better believe I'll be there. I'll be sure to bring plenty of friends too. This will be the best season ever, because well, every season just seems to get better and better. See you all there.

Name nicole heckman
Favorite Movie Mel Gibson movies
Location lehighton

I look forward every weekend to go to Becky's , I love it! My kids grew up on Becky's drive in, and with luck so will my grandkids. (when I have grandkids that is)

Name Maria Rought
Favorite Movie ET
Location Allentown PA

We love Becky's it is a great family place. And you have great prices on food. so thnk you for being open and i wish you all many more years to come.

Name Mark Marcarian
Favorite Movie Any good football movies!

Becky's drive in is an awesome place to have movie fun and th food? Oh man, it's out of this world...Pierogies , Pizza, Hot Dogs, Onion Rings, Nachos...every Tennent player should take their family here!!!!

Name John Boyes
Favorite Movie seen too many to answer
Location Gilbertsville, PA

Can't wait for Becky's to open, this season will be amazing. See you all there.

Name firestone's
Favorite Movie all of them as long as were at becky's
Location new jersey

can't wait for the spring. were going nuts with out beckys.

Name Mascal Family
Favorite Movie Lion King
Location Kunkletown, PA

Just moving here from Massachusetts we had a drive in near where we lived and we were really going to miss it, but now we found Becky's! We are so excited!

Name uzoagba
Favorite Movie owerri
Location asaba

i love this page keep it

Name Jim & Pam Nicholson
Favorite Movie Spiderman
Location High Bridge, NJ

Can't wait to visit again. We love you guys and thanks for keeping the quality of the food up there. Most times when we come we treat ourselves to the burgers and fries, They are really great!

Name Keegan Handley
Favorite Movie Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
Location Effort, PA

The greatest place to go on any summer day. Friendly, fun, and not-too-expensive. I LOVE to go to Becky's. BECKY'S RULES!!!

Name David
Location Allentown, PA

Hey when is Becky's opening again cant wait to take my girl over! She has never been to a drive in and ever since i went earlier this year I fell in love with going and plan on going with a whole bunch of friends this summer. Just let me know when opening weekend is................

Name Rob Staffig
Location Casper, WY

Just an invite to everyone who drives on into Becky's Drive-In Site... after you're done please spin on by to hear the title cut from my CD "Drive-In Nights" also a video presentation to promote the song! (A screen shot from Becky's Drive-In is in the video!) Just drop by my website and click on the links! All The Best! Rob Staffig

Name Alicia Malay
Favorite Movie Young Frankenstein

I saw a CNBC special early this morning that aired about your drive-in (2002) and was priviledged enough to visit a drive-in in upstate NY throughout my entire childhood - often in our PJs. I have wonderful memories of it and it pales in comparison to what I saw on the special this morning. So basically, we haven't visited Beck's yet, but we're very much looking forward to it on this very cold January eve. Enjoy your winter in Florida at the Drive-In convention.

Name Celeste Braconi, Joe Mason, Adina Petro
Favorite Movie Horror
Location Hamilton Square, NJ

We love going to Becky's Drive-In. It's Clean, Friendly and FUN. We love the Funnel Cake. It takes about 2hours to get there from here but we still go a couple times a month when they are open.

Name Amber, Tom, & Tommy Black
Favorite Movie Bad Boys
Location Bangor, PA

We love going to Becky's!!!

Name Rob Thorpe
Location Baltimore, MD

You all have great drive-in spirit. My family an I will be visiting your Drive-in the summer of 2005. Your drive-in looks like so much fun. See ya then!

Name Bill, Teresa, Kaela & Casey
Favorite Movie Shrek 2
Location Hamilton, NJ

Great place to take the kids! Real Family FUN! Can't wait until next season!!!

Name Rob Staffig
Location Casper, WY

HI, Just surfing on by to say I'm really impressed with your drive-in, makes me miss the drive-in's I used to go to! Only 3 left here in WY. Anyway I'd like to invite everyone to hear my "Drive-In Nights" song that I recorded a couple of years ago! All The Best! Rob Staffig